Beta Tester Applications Beauxbatons Apps for beta testing Name-change Applications This is strictly for name changes on the <strong>HP server.</strong> Ban Appeals This is where you get unbanned if you did wrong. Appeals can take from 2 weeks to a month to approve or deny depending on the situation. This is due to us looking into whether or not you deserve to return. If you do not like the wait, my suggestion is not to get banned. We put priority on people who don't break rules over those who have broken the rules &amp; may or may not come back to follow them again Staff Applications This page is where you can apply to be a staff member, but please note that anyone can see your application for staff. Staff will reply to it, and vote on it privately. Magical Applications Use this channel to request a magical device. Club Applications House Applications Post here to change houses. House changes are free but subject to extreme checking of why you should change houses.
About the Applications category [Applications] (1)
Builder - Horace Lovell - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (2)
Helper - Ryder Lestrange - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (2)
New Floo - Ryder Lestrange [Hogwarts] [Magical Applications] (2)
Professor Assistant - Smile Weasley - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
Moderator - Axel Prewett - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
[Marriage Request] - Antlie Hall - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
[Name Change Request] - Horace Lovegood - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (4)
[ Marriage Request ] - Alivia Hill - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
[Name Change Request] - Amethyst Fontaine - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
[Name Change Request] - Michelle King - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
[Name Change Request] Pandoria Rosemary - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
[ Name Change Request ] - Teegan Night - Hogwarts [Name-change Applications] (3)
Moderator - Haley Robertson - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
minemasterWes - Wes Potter - Benedict Rey - Glitch abuse [Ban Appeals] (3)
Builder - Sergio Strange - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
Emileronci - Emil Tandel - Emil Olite - Bug Abuse and Lying to Staff [Ban Appeals] (3)
eillEllie - Lily Lovegood - Eleanor Deglace - Advertisement [Ban Appeals] (3)
Relocating Floo - Horace Lovegood [Magical Applications] (4)
Floo Repair - Almerian MacCraith [Magical Applications] (4)
`New Floo [Magical Applications] (4)
New Floo - Melody Quintin [Magical Applications] (3)
Repairing Floo - Emily Stump [Magical Applications] (3)
New Floo - Keyla Weasley [Magical Applications] (3)
New Floo - Madeline Bell [Magical Applications] (3)
Repairing a Floo Fire that was put out - Luke Schoenheit [Magical Applications] (3)
Builder - Light Armstrong - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
Moderator - Lucky Barnes - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
Professor - Dean Lestrange - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)
Lore Team - Red Potter - Hogwarts [Staff Applications] (3)