1 Year \o/

(Note: this is only what I remember. Others may have been involved but idk. Also don’t mind if there are || in between sentences. It’s habit now, sorry. This was written and edited on a plane at 10 pm.)

Sooo…. STORY TIME xD. I had just gotten home from a gymnastics meet in New Jersey (I’m in western Pennsylvania, quite a drive) and was looking forward to summer break. I got on my craptop, and remembered something I had searched for a year or so back, but (sadly) had no success with; finding a Harry Potter themed Minecraft server. I found a list, tried one… 1.8 nope, not getting another optifine version just for this server. Found another, ehh, not great. Then I found Knockturn.

I got on spawned, accepted help through diagon, set off on my journey…. and crashed. Yay. What a great start. I had to get off for some reason or another, and came back a few hours later and made my lonely trip through diagon. I asked in global for help, and someone, not sure if helper, (didn’t pay too much attention) came and got me safely to Hogwarts. Sorting came and I was put in…. Gryffindor? I went with it, after all it wasn’t the first time I had gotten Gryffindor. Just Ravenclaw a lot more often.

Before long the first class came up; History of Magic with Gunner. Spent 10 min figuring that out btw. It was pyramid creation theories or something like that. I did the homework and got like 4 points for it. Nice. When chatting in house chat, I met a fellow first year, Lilferox Guevremont. Some people may recognize the name, others may not. She joined two days after me, but hasn’t been seen in almost a year so… rip her.

But we chatted during classes, and yelled at the idiots. Fun times. Second class: Herbology with Catherine. Wow throwback much? How did I remember this? (/date was great help).

Classes kept going, somewhere in there Bellona asked me to marry her. Me being a newb was very confused. And decided it was unimportant so I forgot about it (sowwy). But before the month was over I got year two! Woo! First class of Y2; potions with Kat. I saw the announcements, grabbed the ingredients, and spell spamed at the toadstools right down the hall. Just in time, I got the xp (the easy days sigh). It was so different from the Y1 classes. Much less formal, more freedom to speak out, and EVERYONE Y2+ was there. It was great. Classes stepped up, the guide was always in the hospital wing (rip), no more flying (cri), and the summer was half over (more cri).

By then I had starting branching out to other houses; mostly ravens. I met Lily Mather, mostly from classes, and through her I met Lilly Arima, and a whole bunch of other birbs. Lilly had a party somewhere in there, and it was great. Lily Mather, Lilly Arima, Bambi, Emily Alderton (now Blackthorn), Khan, Elaine, Ginny, Amber, Elana, and Gabby. There could have been more idk at this point.

I was afk for a bit, we were playing a game, and it was my turn. When I got back to my computer, Emily Alderton (Blackthorn) is saying, “It’s Stumpy’s turn.” Eventually it caught on (as in the night) and Lily wouldn’t stop calling me it. And still does, hence my discord name and ign.

Most of the way through year two, I had a family vacation, and went MIA for a week. FYI, this was the same. Exact. Week. That automated classes and year three classes started rolling out. Not long after I applied for lore, hoping that I could help out with lessons. Got interviewed by like 5 people, learned an interesting thing about Bambi, and got accepted. The “test” was pretty easy, and looked into automating lessons just a few days later. I wrote a good amount of lessons and had fun with the team. Classes were more boring (but still fun dun worry) since I was used to everyone Y2+ with a prof, and switching to just Y2 with an npc… it was different.

Then I decided to apply for helper. School had been in session for about a month and I felt I could handle the extra job as a thing to do while online. I got accepted, and was very excited about it. First half of the school year was uneventful. Finished writing year four, got some of year five done, bought a shop, started back on Mordonia, and watched the number of lore members change, usually going down, not up.

For Christmas I got a laptop instead of a craptop, and it was great. I could get online without optifine and still have better fps. /bless. I started getting into Quidditch more than the games Lily pulled me into by that point, having the better connection to not lag the whole game. I tried out for the Gryffindor team thinking I wouldn’t make it, but I made it as a second string chaser. Lily didn’t realize until the day of the first game, a week later, that I made the team, and helped me save up for a new broom. (As in she helped for a day then ditched me ;-:wink:

The week after that we played Ravenclaw and crushed them. It was bad, for them at least. We won by 500some points. Switching to the Mordonia side, things were getting spicy. Rp was going good, I had gone in rp chat for the first time. It was uhh… interesting. Had two kids of my own irp. Little fun fact about our fam… Maya is GMT+1, John is GMT, I’m EST, and Khan is all the way over in PST. So that means when it was the morning and John/Maya were getting up for school, Khan is just getting offline. And it’s 3 am for me.

PSA: For the debate with like… four of us, I don’t like Alcandor or Ardua more than another. They’re both awesome in different ways. (Tho if they kept the ship I would have liked Alcandor better. Sorry- not sorry).

Of course, the ever present people! Most I already mentioned, but this is mostly a summary plus some other things I may want to add. Oh, and hey look at me being basic hair flip.

Lily Mather- sigh Where to start… You were a great buddy, and after that party we talked a lot. Like, all the time. I kinda stole you to mord to keep me company for that event, then mord stole you. One of the few people that actually kept me company for classes ;-;. Ily <3

Lilly Arima- You’ve kinda disappeared recently but oh well. The party you hosted introduced me to most of the people I know and talk to a lot now, and it was great fun.

Emily Alderton (Blackthorn)- You were one of my first lore buddies, and then we started talking in classes, and had a towny mining world home together. It just got reset the other day icri. Still used to seeing Alderton not Blackthorn uggh

Ult- Idk, one week I just kept saying “Eww it’s ult” when I saw you, then you did “eww stumpy” back. And we blamed global dying on you, then you blamed it on me. (You’re still ew)

Bellona- Sorry for denying your proposal. That kahoot was great, bellpXrebus forever. Your brother is crazy, and thanks for the seemingly never ending supply of Hogwarts mystery posts.

John- Thanks for (kinda) getting me into the Mordi Lore. Still not going full mordi rn tho, sorry. Also… gee thanks for (soon) ditching me.

Maya + Khan- Thanks for putting up with the insanity that is the time zones of the Florent fam (you two are the furthest out tho so technically it’s your fault).

Cassie- I don’t hate you, despite what goes down in kingdom chat. Don’t mess with my daughter or I’ll mess with you (even once I die irp).

Hp Lore- I’ve been on the team for- oh gosh 9 months- and it’s been totally worth it. There’s been changes, but all have new and better ideas come from them and I can’t wait to see how these new classes (and other stuff) end up turning out.

Hp Helper- I’ve been Helper for more than half the time and again, it’s been worth it. The path around diagon is always changing, as well as the people on the team. Not planning on leaving either anytime soon.

Gryff quid- Repsecc, sahort, borks, finish is a race.com, quaffle god… anything else? We better winn tmmr, the poor cup is getting home sick. And most of the other seasons after this one.

Rahsaken ppl from Oct 2k17, to Feb 2k18- We took over, and kingdom chat was a mess. It was great though, still sad that I left.

Askaria ppl from Feb 18 to current- Not as insane as Rahsaken, but you all grew on me. Will probably have to die irp within a few months though since I’m getting old for a Mordi char… we’ll see.

Everyone that I’ve talked to over the past year and haven’t mentioned yet- Sorry for not mentioning you, but thanks for not deeming me a complete weirdo and ignoring me.

TL;DR- I’ve been on for a year, and I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.


Welcome to the Year 1 club! Also, aren’t we all complete weirdos? I know I am…

Wooo! \o/ 1 year :smiley:

PSHh PSHHh I DId not ditch! I just uhh forgot maybe kinda. Anyways congrats on one yearrr can’t believe I’ve stuck with ya that long JKJK ILY xD

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Great job! It has been so much fun being your friend, and I hope we can still be in the future! I’m sorry about the time zones!!!

Wow thanks ;-;

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Welcome to the club!

still sad about rejection

STUMPYY, my lil ol’ stump, you <3 <3 Welcome to da 1 year club bb <3 <3 stay forever

Thanks guys <3