100 quotes ~ eek u humans say the most random things

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Current Leaderboard (as of 25/12/2020)

People who got more than 1:
1st Place: Tal - 14
2nd Place: Michael - 12
3rd Place: Saige - 9
4th Place: Lilly, Emma, Min - 6
5th Place: Ash - 4
6th Place: Haley, Gel, Souless - 3
7th Place: Penny, Katna - 2 1/2
8th Place: Smile, Dani, Jordan (Owen), Bell, Pande - 2

People who got 1 congrats u got 9th place:
Ryan Carrow, Theo, McKenna, Hannah, Harry, Bell, Bess, Randy, Saaniya, Sasha, Bass, Tom, Hazel, Sergio, Katie, Crystal, Will, Rey

  1. “I attack my teeth” -Haley
  2. “But also remove their faces” -Tal
  3. “You take your teeth and you just start hitting it” -Ash
  4. “Atm the hari has no value, since wand crafting is a long forgotten project” - Harry
  5. “I wanna tall how no Hannah is” -Smile
  6. “Wait Emmae do I know you?" -Ryan Carrow
  7. “Is she talking to me or the dog?” -Theo
  8. “It’s summer so I’m doing summer things, like not using my brain.” -Hannah
  9. “Daniel casually struts offstage.” -Emma
  10. “I mean, my school has a name and I’m preschooler.” -Lilly
  11. “Why is hogwarts turning into splatoon?” -Sasha Lane
  12. “I miss being young, now whenever I try to sit up I’m in pain.” -Lilly
  13. “I have returned with the cult cereal.” -Lilly
  14. “Tahj is the other Theo.” -Tal
  15. “One of the few times I’m mentioned here and it’s because I tried ice in cereal…" -Bass
  16. “Ok chop chop prisoners.” -Tom
  17. “Why did I say that? I’m sorry. It pooped on my head.” -Saige
  18. “I can’t either but I’m so excited. He’s going to be a crab.” -Ash
  19. “I’m gonna have to mush her again.” -Dani
  20. “I am trying to stay alive- but this cake simply seems fake” -Michael
  21. “Which would you rather be, a fish or an instrument?” -Bess
  22. “What’s your other account’s name Smol?” -Randy
  23. “Yoink your finger is now yeetus deletus” -Tal
  24. “People from Texas are donkeys! I wonder if you could put chests on them.” -Saaniya
  25. “What tire is immobulus?” -Mia
  26. “I just gave my dog her toy eat backyardigans.” -Ash
  27. “Frick, I had a yawny.” -Tal
  28. “Yes but I got wipe and it my 7 time bc it falled and I failed” -Jordan e
  29. “It’s pills a Saaniya’s dog” -Saaniya
  30. “I start wars by throwing people out windows all the time.” -Ash
  31. “All I have to say is trebuchet” -Saige
  32. “Learn how to shit on your own” -Angelina
  33. “I am an asparagus, flip(Altered due to bad word) how did you know?” -Michael
  34. “I got sucked into a whole genre of fancy bathtubs” -Bell
  35. “Obviously I want to be a purple dinosaur” -Michael
  36. “I hit the noodle and it screwed me up. Ramen hates me.” -Tal
  37. “I thought someone was about to murder me but it was just a sheep.” -Lilly
  38. “This community is great, everyone’s running around killing each other.” -Saige
  39. “What mime- do you mean the alien? Uh, it was an alien for me. Like, a mime alien.” -Souless
  40. “Wait so you put children in an oven?” -Emily
  41. “But like real life baby pandas are like weird lizards” -Penny
  42. “No, I’m a frayed knot.” -Gel
  43. “They have woogly eyes and and when they want noms they go with arms and go boop and grab noms and chomp chomp.” -Penny
  44. “I want 27 donut.” -Katna
  45. “I feel like ‘I know my spaghetti’ is more open ended in a threatening presence kind of way.” -Katna
  46. “It’s a whole timeline of quonks here.” -Katna and Penny
  47. “Okay not gonna lie my octopus looks amazing.” -Tal
  48. “I’m gonna do a pande come watch me do the pew pew.” -Tal
  49. “It’s bark sounded rounder than eeyore.” -Saige
  50. “I’m shedding.” -Tal
  51. “Smol you buy teeth at a little vending machine with teeth.” -Michael
  52. “Hold on let me get my teeth.” -Tal
  53. “I have a collection of teeth. Look how much teeth I have, I’m a fliping(Altered due to bad word) tooth fairy.” -Tal
  54. “Katna, Katna, there’s a dead bird on you. You have an aborted bird on your head.” -Tal
  55. “Smol is dead there is only Emma” -Tal
  56. “Okay I am not currently in the womb I am a living functioning human being.” -Saige
  57. “Speaking of fruit painting…” -Hazel
  58. “Okay Soul go die on the ground.” -Emma
  59. “This is the best day ever I’m getting a bell.” -Sergio
  60. "Smile no don’t catch the ava disease.” -Emma
  61. “I thought it was a tropical fish but it was just string.” -Katie
  62. “This cat gets fed like twice on the total 7 replies.” -Lilly
  63. “Omg you know when you have an eyeball in your eye?” -Saige
  64. “I get to press the evil button.” -Michael
  65. “I didn’t know you would pop up like a fricken jack in the box.” -Lilly
  66. “Throwing people is kinda a personality trait.” -Haley
  67. “I just wake up and think about the hogwarts time system.” -Michael
  68. “There was like a square and I just ran through it and it was like a ton of pigeons.” -Smile
  69. “It’s literally night speed.” -Bell
  70. “‘Throw your head onto the fliping(Altered due to bad word) trackpad’ finger click.” -Michael
  71. “I just crushed a butterfly.” -Crystal
  72. “When I hold my candy canes as wands irl…” -Emma
  73. “Their faces are all mushed.” -Saige
  74. “My house is now a swamp biome.” -Souless
  75. “Maybe I’m a potato with a mind and I’m just inventing my whole life.” -Dani
  76. “I think I just almost lost an eyeball.” -Haley
  77. “I must evaporate now.” -Gel
  78. “Where do we put the entrance of an elf.” -Emma
  79. “Oh I know why, I just need to take my clothes off.” -Pande
  80. “So even then I can be like “bam” and severely murderer.” -Souless
  81. “Min Dumbledore strangles your chickens.” -Min
  82. “I’ll just aggressively sit on a candy cane.” -Michael
  83. “Santa just has a neck that is like 10 feet tall.” -Michael
  84. “My leaves, they just can’t keep up with me.” -Min
  85. “Tal will never surpass me, I have a notebook!” -Min
  86. “That’s like lettuce but liquified.” -Min
  87. “But then I realized you guys don’t get what I’m saying, so now I’m just a basketball.” -Min
  88. “You’re just taking the quacks out of my mouth at this point.” -Michael
  89. “I still need to find 9/11.” -Michael
  90. “You get payed to be German.” -Will
  91. “Don’t trust the coords.” -Rey
  92. “I just seem like a really angry three year old that wants to eat eggs.” -Saige
  93. “I need heads.” -Emma
  94. “Oh Emma did you see our great eye invention?” -Michael
  95. “I was like, how is your mom hiding in your bread?” -Jordan
  96. “Potato yourself Hari.” -Jordan
  97. “Put the snail down.” -Pande
  98. “Oh wait yes llamas.” -Tal
  99. “They have a whole bakery in their pockets.” -Min
  100. “I’d like to thank Emma for being a Bellona clone.” -Souless

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