1Y POTIONS - No Content Given

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This is to report problems encountered in Automated Lessons.
This is NOT to report player behavior. If children are misbehaving, get staff attention with /helpop or /msg a professor.

Subject of class attended: Potions
Year of class attended: 1
Lesson number of class attended: 6

Problem: The class I went to for potions last night gave no content by the automated professor, I was definitely joined in the class however there was no talking or instructions to get ingredients, I wanted to see if it would record that I went to the class so I waited but it didn’t record that I went to the class on my report card.

A similar thing happened today when I went to potions except there was some content, it was giving me instructions to collect ingredients which I successfully did to complete the glass, it gave me my house points but I looked on profile and again it wasn’t recorded.

Class* not glass xD


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This is fixed in the update on the 19th

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