2 Years in Knockturn!

So woow seems as if it was yesterday when I approched Professor Oak in the ministry or when getting sorted and getting that house card. Knockturn is great Community of users, but I want to thank some who have made this journey so awesome! And well I’m also making 1 year as staff member so want to thank each of the staff members that have been and are in the staff team. But well lets thank invididualy:

@Muzika You were the first staff member I was with in a voice call, and I was terrified at first but from that moment, I couldn’t stop VCing with you! I can’t thank you enough for helping me so much in every single role I have currently and never loosing your patience somehow. :heart_eyes:

@Gequinn My Spanish buddy and best knockturn friend oooof, those long discussions on anything knockturn thing that could be discussed. Tysm for always giving so much support! :es:

@Michelle Maaah mod buddie, you’re the best buddie someone could have and you’re obviously my best ktn friend along with Chessur. Thank you for all those awesome times! :heart:

Max Til recently (this summer) you were the owner I was the most scared of by far, but after a while I believe I got to know you and I don’t regret it, you’re an amazing person and never evar stop with your puns and jokes. :rofl:

@LynxPlay Thank you for all those hours you spent teaching vectors and lambda! :computer::computer_mouse:

Smooool My first mod mentor, grandmaaa and so thank you for giving those awesome tips about life as well thank you for showing those amazing Ausssie songs and trying to sing them, for your patience and for your amazing voice! :bird:

@Cris You were my first teacher and probably the one who encouraged me to stay in this mazing community, tysm and never stop building those unicorns for colovaria! :unicorn:

@Bambae Although at first we didn’t get along really well, after all this time I learned how amazing you are! :deer:

Almerian Thank you for always being so supportive with my suggestions and for being the best head of house and fixing those last minute problems! :yellow_heart::black_heart:

@Goose Oh sooo much time we’ve spent together, ty for being such a sweet person and PA! I’m sorry if I was too dramatic that day :heart:

@Mayish You’re such an amazing sweet person, thank you for all those amazing moments, rp classes and convos we’ve had! :blue_heart:

Bellona Ty for the random VC wen nobody else wanted to talk and for not suing me yet for calling you grandma :hugs:

@LillyArima You’ve been soooo nice even when I goof up. Im so glad we got to be friends eventhough the first time I met you I nearly kicked you and Jack out of my class. :joy: Ty for always standing by me and for punchs in Bambis wedding.
Hari You’ve helped me sooo much to learn from my mistakes and I can’t thank you enough for that. :hugs:

And last but not least, Pande you’ve been the person who has yelled at me the most by far :joy:, but always or nearly always with a good reason and that has helped me mature a lot irl, thank you for that, for letting me be a baby dev as which I learned more than in any of the 2 yrs Ive been coding and for hosting this amazing comunity for all these years!

If I missed anyone which is quite possible tell me and Ill add you. Thank you for these amazing 2 years!

(I’m not very good expressing how I feel by written, so sowwy if some sounds weird)


Welcome to the club! <3

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Welcome to the Two Year Squad!! :heart: :smiley:

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Congratulations! You really are an amzing person, keep going man!

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Congrats Dan :yellow_heart:

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Congratulations, man. I really still remember the days of going to first year classes with you, and how you literally propelled into the skies of Knockturn. Good luck, Daniel :slight_smile:!

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Ohh congrats dani!! :heart:

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Ayye, welcome to the two year squad! :heart:

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The Baby finally grew up to a man :’)


Ouch u put michael before me :broken_heart:

jk jk grats on 2yrs dani ^-^

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One day I’ll get around to suing you, but for now watch your back ;>

Congrats on 2 years!

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Congrats on joining the two year squad Dani :smiley:

Honestly you are such a great friend of mine. For a long time you were the only one who stood by me when I wanted to get Professor or PA. I have a lot of great memories of you and I just goofing around and doing random stuff.

I hope we can both stick around to three <3

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Ayyyyyyy danii <3<3<3<3 Happy two years FELICIDADES You’re like my lil brother, or nephew, or grandson…

Jordan quit messing up the family tree

Anyways you’re the best and I’m so glad to have met you



Congratulations on the 2 year squad! <3

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