2Y DADA - Class kicks us out saying we arent the right house

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Subject of class attended: DADA
Year of class attended: Y2
ID of class attended: 15962

Problem: When Arcyne attended this class, we went to the right spot and when the class started it kicked both of us out saying:44%20PM
And here is the class in /class time

which classroom were you trying to enter… Thsi is reported in the wrong area

There are TWO dada classrooms fyi

I give you a 99999999% chance you were trying to go into the wrong one.

And there could have been another dada class going in that room that wasnt y2

It was in the astronomy tower

…Can we please… please…please think about this for a sec

Im not sure if this was a glitch of its own, but it said Something like this, “Year 2 DADA with Professor Lupin will be held at the top of the Astronomy tower”