<3 Chance or No Chance <3 RIP

Alright, so here’s an attempt at an explanation of rules.

SO, EVERYONE IS AROUND HIGH-SCHOOL AGE. coughs okay wait. drink water okay good.

Everyone here has discovered the power of “dice.” Should they choose to use the dice, they will be named as a DICER. These blue colored dice turn red once rolled, and once red, that indicates that they are owned by someone. The dice can be used for a variety of things. Namely being Looks, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intellect, & Luck

Everyone will receive “QUESTS” from the Game Master NPC where they have the option to complete the quest. Should they complete it, they will receive BLUE colored dice. These quests are often driven by the desire of the dicer, so note that some quests might be different from others. The GAME MASTER can communicate with dicers via technology. EX: Phones. (NOTE: You MUST roll the dice in order to claim it. Once claimed, they disappear.)

That ^^ up there is called STAGE ONE. Where the strongest can only reach the rank of being B

Stage Two is when people may receive an A rank quest to receive a gold dice. Should it be rolled, the user may obtain one of the following skills: Clairvoyance, Teleportation, Invisibility, Psychokinesis, Levitation, or ??? <-- mystery skill

Should you obtain a gold dice, you are officially an A RANKER. :smiley:

Then the final stage shall begin. Stage 3. Until sixteen people have achieved the A rank, only one will be able to continue to face the Game Master!

So how are you to begin?
With the following template, and good luck! Because there’s only one winner in the end.

Name: EX: Moobin Lee
Status: EX: Dicer/NonDicer
Personality: EX: Warm, Friendly Cold, Indifferent
Description: EX: White hair, Brown eyes, Fair skin, 5"10’, Lightly muscular.
History: EX: ???


(I’ll set the scene. BTW my character won’t be used for the majority as he will wait until STAGE 2. Until then, I’ll be the Game Master.)

Name: Moobin Lee
Status: Dicer
Personality: Warm, Friendly, Cold, Indifferent
Description: White hair, Brown eyes, Fair skin, 5"10’, Lightly muscular.
History: ???

Moobin pulled a hoodie over his head and sat on the rooftop edge of his school. He put in his earbuds and glanced at the sky as it was. Fighting could be heard below, and he sighed. This could only go on. Just when did it all start? Right. The fool who died.


“Please step away from the premises!” A cop could be seen waving a baton as a blood-pooled body was seen.

Whispers could be heard as someone had tried to sneak in and set the fire on school. They must’ve fallen from the height. Moobin looked on with carelessness until one by one, students started to pick up the glowing, blue dice that were dropped from the body. They all examined the dice and admired it.

Eyes widening, Moobin pulled his hoodie over his head and grimaced. So the next scene had been set?

His phone rang and a message appeared on his phone. “Correct, Moobin.” The sound of dice could be heard rattling in his backpack.

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Name: Charlie Weeb
Status: Currently NonDicer
Personality: Confident, trust worthy, and prosistant
Description: Short blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Pale skin, 5’ 9" and fairly muscular.
History: Charlie is very unordinary. He has fairly good grades, stays out of trouble, and has a loving family. He never felt true dispare, and instead only minor disappointment.

Charlie sat on the bench, sipping on his juice box. He looked over his drawings frowning at a few of them, disappointed with how they turned out.

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Moobin stood up from the roof and he grinned at the sky. “Hey, GM.”

His phone flared. “Yes?”

“Let’s make this more interesting.” He pulled out several of his red dice and looked at them. “Release control.” The red turned into blue and he threw them into the air, several of them scattering onto the grounds around the school.

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Charlie glanced by his foot, noticing a blue dice. “Hm?” He picked it up, glancing at at it and examing it. “What the heck is this?”

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Charlie’s phone vibrated as a purple message showed up. “Hello, Charlie.”

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Charlie tapped through his phone. He raised an eyebrow at the message. “Who are you? And why do you have my number?” He texted back.

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giggle I’m the Game Master! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Cool right? Anyways, you have a DICE. Fanfare. You should roll it : )” The purple message glared on Charlie’s phone.

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Charlie looked at the dice. " And here I thought the weirdest thing was a three way couple…" Charlie sighed and shakes the dice, throwing it as if rolling it. “Happy?”

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The dice immediately turned red and glared at Charlie. A fanfare could be heard from Charlie’s phone. “Congrats! YOU ARE A DICER!”

“¯(°_o)/¯ Dicers can improve virtually anything related to them if they collect die from quests! I usually give out quests when I want to you, but it’s fairly often. Looks, Strength, Endurance, Luck, Agility. The whole package!” An emote appeared next to the message.

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“BTW, you don’t need to text me. I can hear you <3”

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Charlie twitched slightly. “That ain’t weird at all…” Charlie started to think about the possibilities of the dice and was stumped. “I Don’t really see why I need to do this…”

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“¯(°_o)/¯. Oh come on. You must have something you want to improve. Your looks, strength. Maybe even impress a certain girl?”

“OH! Almost forgot!” A notification popped up on Charlie’s phone.

Draw a picture! Reward: X3 Dice!

Will you accept this quest?
yes… no…

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Charlie frowned. “I do that anyway. But I can’t think of anything to improve. I’m content with how I am. Just me… and me alone…”

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“Ah. So that’s it isn’t it. : ) You being lonely and wanting more friends. Well? What about the quest? Can’t hurt to try, right?”

The purple message pulsed on Charlie’s phone.

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Charlie’s frown grew. “You know for being some kinda god or whatever… you don’t know humans very well. Either that or you don’t pay attention to me a lot…” Charlie picked up his sketch pad and his pencil, beginning to draw what he imagined the strange texter to look like.

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“¯(°_o)/¯ That’s not how I look like, Charlie. But either way. Nice job… The quest not the drawing.”

A shimmering light was seen as three dice dropped down in front of Charlie, their colors blue.

Charlie’s phone buzzed again. “You have to roll the dice in order to claim them, BTW!”

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Charlie sighed. “Yeah, but you said it can change me right? What’s the point if everyone else only see the mask I put on… even when I take it off…”

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“How about this.” The dice gleamed at Charlie. “Pick those up.”

A menu opened on Charlie’s phone and a skill hexagon showed up. “You can select one of these to improve yourself on with the number of dice you have!”

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