3Y Magical Theory - Quiz question doesn't have a right answer?

Subject of class attended: Magical Theory
Year of class attended: 3
ID of class attended: 142957
Lesson number of class attended: 10

Problem: At the end of class, a quiz asks about the consequences of drinking unicorn blood. Options were:
1] You won’t die.
2] You won’t die, but you will live a cursed half-life for wounding a creature so innocent.
3] You won’t die, but you will slowly turn into a unicorn.
4] There are no consequences, it’s just a tasty drink.

Adam Hughes and I both answered #2, but after “You answered the question!” there wasn’t an indicator of what answer was the correct one. Then it said “Number of students wtih correct answer: 0”.

Since #2 is objectively the correct answer, someone should probably fix this.

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Because I can’t edit the post, adding on to the end: the homework for MT 3-10 is also borked. It’s “How is magic related to the soul?||Are there any magic that can touch the soul deeply? (Except for Horcruxes)||What is the interaction of the soul between magic? Dicuss.||5+ pages.” I can’t help but think those || were supposed to be separators of some kind between multiple possibilities…