4 years apart

Hello! I honestly had no clue where to put this so… here it is! I have returned to Knockturn after years and years of being away from Minecraft and absolutely remember none of the spells, how to play, etc.

After being away for so long, I was honestly expecting my character to be gone. I know this is a weird request but, would there be a way to reset all my player data?

I would like to hop on Knockturn and enjoy it as I used to, but I also cannot really bring myself to play in the roles of a character that I remember nothing about. My IGN is KitsuLev but when I played before I actually went by MonarchLev I believe. I know it is a weird request, but if I am to return I really can only do so from the beginning on a clean slate, I hope you understand! I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

KitsuLynx, not kitsulev my bad!

Handled this in a helpop.