4 years babeeey

so I realized an hour before midnight that today is my 4 year anniversary on Knockturn. when I joined in 2016 I had just turned 13 and now I’m 17 and about to be a senior in highschool. most of the people from when I first joined sadly don’t play any more but I’m glad that I’ve kept making friends as the years go by.

anyway shout out to the staff,players, and the owner team for letting me go crazy go stupid. let’s make it to 5 years now :triumph:


You an ancient lady, this seems very cash money

Dang you really really old now. Congrats!

Congrats fellow senior/17 year old :heart:

Wooo happy 4 years!! :smiley:

4 years wow congrats <3

You’re forever 14 in my heart :heart:

congrats :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: