4 years on KNT

I’m old. I know. I’ll live. I’m a whole four years old. I can walk on my own two feet and speak some basic words now! I’ve learned things like “Love”, “Humility”, “Confidence”, “Respect”, “Acceptance”, and “Joy”
Needless to say, I’ve reinforced these things and have even learned one or two here. I love you all, thank you for an amazing four years here on Knockturn. I am fading away into the background, but I don’t want to. College is going to start soon and I’m finding jobs in order to pay for it. I’m not gone nor will I be leaving though. I look forward to seeing new people rise above the others, and take charge in several parts of the server. I love you all. Unfortunately, I have no shoutouts. I’m lame, I know. I’d spend too long making all of them though, so here we are. This server has had by far the largest positive impact on my life of the entire internet and probably places second place next to my mother. nobody may beat the mother. Whether it was ranting about anything or trying to help someone, you’ve all taught me so much. Thank you, KnockturnMC.


GL HF and enjoy College. - it’s lit if you live through it right. :v:

Chill on KTN whenever and I refuse to see this as a goodbye message and hopefully we see you pop in and out every now and then when you miss us :heart:

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It isn’t a goodbye message lol I have a full summer to do things

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Congratz on your 4th year anniversary. I am actually glad that you are still around. Harry King is a name that every older player recognizes and you are as an important part of our community like I am and any other, staff or no staff. And I hope we can keep you at least a year more :wink:

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congrats! I too have faded to the background… welcome to the club xD

Gerry asked if I was a noob on mord last year, that’s how much I’ve faded xD

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yasss, I happen to like college boys btw :wink:

cough congrats tho!

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Alas, you aren’t the only one. :stuck_out_tongue: College is gonna be my bae for at least two years… all college students are like sugar daddies to the college