5 Starbulbs missing from shop sign

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I put 5 Starbulbs in my shop sign (Del’s Guides) a few hours ago, but they’re gone now. And they weren’t bought by anyone (they didnt appear in ‘transactions’, i got no money and no and alert)
I dont know if this is important (it may be a bug or something) but they were on page 2. I added two more Starbulbs to page 1 to check if they’d stack with the ones on page 2 (they didn’t). Then I looked at page 2 where the 5 bulbs should’ve been, but they weren’t there.

Request for Solution
Replace the 5 Starbulbs

Link To Related Bug Report
No related bug on the forums

Hi there! Sorry for the late response I must have missed this post.

We can return the 5 Starbulbs for you just make a /helpop when an owner is online and they can return them for you :slight_smile:

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