5 years? #NoTermLimitsHere

Wow. It feels like just yesterday I was an 11 year old running down the halls of Hogwarts screaming “HOW DO I GET TO CLASS???” in global… My how the time has flown. December 27th marks my five year anniversary of being a member of the Knockturn community and I can’t tell you how much it means to me! I feel like I’ve grown up with this server and matured with it.
Just as the server has grown in size and quality, I’ve grown as a person. I could never express how lucky I feel to have watched this server go through it’s many changes and to have made so many friends along the way.
This entire community is so wonderful and I’m just so thankful to consider myself a part of it! I hope everybody has an incredible New Year and I thank you all for the memories you’ve given me. I would go through and specifically mention people but I would feel terrible if I left any out! Those of you that have made an impact on my time on Knockturn or have made any memories with me know who you are <3

Anyways I love you all, and I look forward to many more magical years to come!


Welcome to the 5 year club, wooo!

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Welcome to the 5 year club! I hope to see you at 6 too!

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Oh believe me, you will!

5 year club woop woop

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