A Change of being

Change of name, Change of sex.

~Or if possible reset my account~

I been going through… some problems in life… and I’ve come to realize I am part of the LGBTQ+ but as much as i tried to come out to my parents, they deny it at all costs, So ill go with changing my online appearance as it is easiest.
I was born as a female, but now i’m transitioning to Agender. this follows Asexuality and Aromanticism. Yes i have been severely depressed. But dont worry, im fine, as i feel being bound to who I was born as, has dragged me down for 21 years of my life. So things are slowly getting better, i just hope someday my parents, specifically my mother accepts me for who im truly supposed to be.

Im no longer Mokuren, and my family name is cast aside since ive no connection to it. I know nothing about my father therefore its rendered useless upon me.
Today I refer myself as Tarrb Starr.

Hopefully the message gets through. Sorry ive no money, nor any titles, as I’ve been gone since 2018… and haven’t gotten far…


I’m sorry life has been hard lately, but I’m glad you’re back on the server.

Unfortunately it is impossible to reset accounts, but there are options. You can apply for a gender change in the Gender Applications category. We have witch and wizard and our gender neutral option is wix. Gender changes are free.

For the name change, you can apply for a name change in the Name Change Applications category, but will need to pay for it. It is 600 galleons to change either the first or last name or 1000 galleons to change both first and last at the same time. If Starr is already a name on the server (I don’t think it is but Pande will confirm on the name change application), you will need someone with that name to sponsor your name change to it.

Okay so im broke in game… and i see theres no option in the donation store to buy more galleons, think there could be a way to add opt sometime in the near future?

Adding the ability to buy galleons would actually be a violation of the EULA, so we can’t do that. You can get more galleons by killing mobs on the server. Right now kneazles are available, I think they’re mostly in the dungeon.

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