A few issues after rejoining the server after a very long time

Hi, I’m Hanally and I originally joined Knockturn several years ago, however for the sake of the thread I’m basically a new player. Hope I’m posting this in the right area…

After a long hiatus, I wanted to re-join the server so I did so today and I have encountered a few issues since joining and I was wondering whether anyone could help me with them.

  1. Upon joining the server, it loaded me into the starter quest which is fine, however I am still carrying a lot of old stuff in my inventory such as old textbooks, old robes and also old galleons. In addition, despite it treating me like an unsorted player I still carry my old Slytherin name tag. I was wondering whether this could be reset (the old inventory stuff and my house back to unsorted) At the time in which I originally joined, there was no sorting quiz or anything houses were just randomly selected and if that isn’t the case anymore I would love the opportunity to be resorted into a house which accurately reflects my personality.

  2. In addition, when joining the server I was starving so brought food from Diagon Alley, however I now have an issue as I don’t have enough money for my school supplies. Is there anyway in which I can quickly earn money in order to be able to buy them or does it not matter too much if I arrive at school unequipped and buy the supplies at a later date when I have the money?

  3. I have noticed that the server is somewhat laggy for me, are there any solutions to this?

  4. Discord Issue: I have so far been unable to link my Minecraft and discord account together, I spoke to the bot and gave them my username but it kept saying that this player isn’t active. I also tried using my server nickname with no results either. I did do it whilst online on the server. I tried to join the hub but no one was there. Does anyone have any solutions for this?

Hope that someone will be able to help me with these issues, the server looks like it has really improved from my short glimpse today.