A Guide to Towny/Miningworld

A Quick Guide to Towny!

Towny is a useful world, where users can build farms, houses, storage facilities- whatever your heart desires!
Towns are un-griefable locations built and upkept by players for whatever reason they so choose. As such, there are some useful rules and commands to know for the towny server!

  • If a Town has PvP Enabled, you are able to fight against players in that town. This does not mean killing someone with spells in a PvP disabled town.
  • Stealing in Towny is not permitted.
  • Automatic Farms are also not permitted- anything that allows for a user to AFK generate something.
    Everything that does a task must have a button to run for each instance. This means that you cannot push a button to turn it on and off, you need to be there actively using it the entire time.

Now that you know the basic rules regarding Towny, you might be wondering how to create a town, or invite other players to join your town!

Useful Commands!

/sell hand/itemname

  • This is the most basic of commands, and you’ll find yourself using it often when you start. /sell will sell the items you specify for the going rate on the server, giving you currency to work towards owning a town, or expanding the current town!

/t create TownName

  • This will create a town with the specified name where you are currently standing. You’ll need to be a sufficient distance away from other towns, and have 10,000$ of towny currency. This will claim a 20x20 plot of land, and you can add onto that on neighboring plots by doing /t claim with 1000$ in your town bank.

/t deposit $$$

  • Once you have a town, you’ll find that your town will need 10$ per day to continue to survive- the cost of upkeep. This will come out of your town’s balance. If your town’s balance is insufficient, you will find your town destroyed the very next day. Each day is 24 hours long, so you don’t have to worry about having a ton of money.

/t claim

  • Once you have your town created, and sufficient money in your town, you will be able to claim up to 10 plots per player in your town. Each one will cost money, so make sure you have sufficient balance in your town to be able to claim the plot!

/t invite IGN

  • Once you’re settled and your town has been made, you may want to invite other players, to socialize or increase your town’s claiming capacity.

/t kick IGN

  • Once you have other players inside of your town, you may find that they are trolls, or not a good fit within the town. Use this command to kick the player from your town.

/t spawn

  • If you ever exit your town’s area and get lost, you can do /t spawn and be returned to your town’s Home Block.

For more plugin commands, visit the official documentation at: https://github.com/TownyAdvanced/Towny/wiki/How-Towny-Works

A Quick Guide to Miningworld!

Once you start trying to earn money to start your town, you’ll realize that you can’t break blocks inside of towny, unless you’re in your own town’s plot.
To this end, we have a Miningworld that you can access!
This is the portal to the miningworld, which you can access by going to towny’s spawn using /spawn.
At the miningworld, there are a few differences.

Miningworld Rules
  • PvP is allowed, as long as you’re able to build there! No pvping players at the spawn :<
    If you kill players too frequently, it could be viewed as harassment.
  • Likewise, stealing from unprotected chests here is allowed. Make sure you /lock any chests you have here!
  • The same rules from towny apply to the Auto Farms- No. You cannot build an auto farm here either.

Miningworld will be reset every few months, so it is best to store your valuables on Towny!
However, you can openly mine and build anywhere on the Miningworld server.


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