A Maddie (finally) Appears

[color=green] Hello Everyone! [/color]
[color=#2ECC71] My name is Madison, but you probably know me as Maddie (Or you just don’t know me). [/color]
[color=#ABEBC6] You’ve probably noticed a ‘green theme’ going on.
That’s because I am a [/color]
[color=green] Slytherin. [/color]

How about a few facts, yes?
You may notice that I’m not very good at introductions.

I. On the server, my name is Madeline Bell. I used to be a Hill, but long story short I was adopted (it really isn’t a long story)
II. I’m a fourth year who technically has 100% but can’t year up because she doesn’t have enough points.
III. I joined way too long ago. Let’s just say I was 11 and now I am 14.
IV. For around a year and a half I was very inactive and only got on occasionally (wow things have changed).
V. If you ever meet a player in Ravenclaw named Maddie (Maddikia) Flume, that would be me.
VI. Originally I shared an account with my sister and she got to name it. Now I have my own (Maddikia) but since my progress is on sofiesofia8 I use that account on Knockturn for the most part. That’s the explanation behind my username, so don’t ask why someone named Maddie has the username sofiesofia8. Thanks.
VII. On the server I’m a half-blood.
VIII. If you haven’t noticed, I’m saying random things so that I can get to ten facts.
IX. My WiFi is shitty and my computer apparently likes to not work for periods of time, so while I’m trying to be active computer problems might occur at times. (My laptop won’t turn on right now so I’m using this time to write my intro on my chromebook xD)
X. I despise social studies with a passion. Isn’t it ironic how I taught History of Magic on the server a year or two back?

[color=green] Okay! [/color]
[color=#2ECC71] Bye! [/color]

Welcome back to the server :3
Here’s a meme for being a veteran -throws a wild Pepe-

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