A Mildly Ambitious Christmas Card

Hello everyone!

Today I came up with a (mildly) ambitious idea that I really want to try.

As we all know, the one thing that sets Knockturn apart from all the other servers out there is the great community. In honor of that, I would like to take one big KTN Christmas photo and make a holiday card out of it!

Now, one of the things that makes Knockturn so great will make this task a little difficult. Because we all come from so many places around the world, it would be nearly impossible to get everyone online and in one photo. Instead, I can take individual photos of everyone in specific spots and photoshop them all together to look like one big family photo.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to get in the photo! I am usually active between the hours of 6-9 pm EST during the week, but much longer on the weekends. Feel free to DM me on discord or on the server during these times if you would like me to add you to the card! If you’re unable to get online during these times, dm me and we can see what time works best for the both of us.

Once the photo is completed, I’ll post a PDF link so you can print it out, set it as your desktop image, or just save it :slight_smile:

Currently, there isn’t a deadline on this, as I would like to get as many of us in the photo as possible! :slight_smile:

My discord is: gakindle#1386

P.S. If you have a Holiday skin, be sure to wear it! And you’re more than welcome to hold your wand, broom, or favorite fashion item in the photo.


I love this idea :smiley: And would also love to be part of it!!!

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