A Post On Knockturns Stance on Suicide Threats

Hello everyone, and welcome to an incredibly sensitive topic.

First off, I will post this. If you are thinking of hurting yourself please contact someone here:

Hardline: if you are thinking about hurting yourself seek help from a co-owner, an adult irl, or the chats above. Contacting another user about this tooic is against the rules.

Here is why:

Most people who tell others online they are considering suicide are not. They are looking for attention.

Of the people I have heard attempted, none of them informed their friends ahead of time. In fact, a key sign is that the person will act more normal before attempting so no one will stop them. Not informing others.

‘But Pande I want to talk to someone’

You can talk to people without telling them you thinking about suicide. Especially co-owners, will talk to you if you really need to discuss thongs. We can help you with things you are afraid to discuss with parents or teachers, or think they will not understand.

‘Someone is talking about suicide to me but I dont want them in trouble’.

We do not punish people for first time offenses of this. Our goal is mental health for all. If this person is spoken with about the why and given contact info on people to discuss with, and continues to talk to others, thats another matter. We want people to not be afraid to bring difficult topics to us, they wont be banned unless they have done this multiple times and we have talked to them. At that point, you know its attention seeking only.

Any questions/comments below?


A little suggestion to add to those, that are close friends to the ones talking about those mentioned suicidal thoughts:

You are not a therapist. Do not try to solve this problem on your own. Fact is that the form of “attention seeking” depression, that is mostly shown to attract people’s support can if the desired effect is not achieved, turn into more dangerous behavioural patterns.

A well-timed “please don’t cut” may help in the given situation, but in the long-term, it is a positive reinforcement (operant conditioning, B. F. Skinner) and it only supports the human’s assumption that “Showing depressive behaviour, even if faked, will result in the group caring more about me”. This ultimately ends up in a spiral of “The more extreme my depression seems, the more affection I will get”, which may lead people that only “fake” a depression into actually harming them. Therefore, seek professional help immediately.

TL;DR: Don’t try to solve the depression of your friend on your own, find professional help and guide your friend to use it!


Good addition

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Love me some Skinner and learning theory

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