A Scythe Wielder’s Secret Rp

Hello. So, I doubt many people will join this but I love this book series too much.

This rp is based off of the Scythe Wielder’s Secret book series (really good, but not appropriate for people my age either so I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you’re uncomfortable with stuff like that). ANyways, basically, the Scythe Wielder’s Secret is about a school of “deaths”, who are basically grim reapers.

Each year, a group of teenagers are chosen to be taken to the world of deaths, leaving the normal world behind, and train to reap souls. For thousands of years, only males were taken until Susan Sarnio was accidently chosen. These students are given a chance to return to their world by taking a test at the end of the year, which few pass.

This rp takes place after all the characters have died/faded. (basically, if you die from unnatural causes, you fade and you’re forgotten by everyone) In the current time the rp takes place, females are now able to be taken and being taken is a choice. If a reaper shows up and offers someone a place at the school for deaths, they can refuse if they want. Elementals (I’ll explain that later) are also accepted and able to be deaths.

In the Scythe Wielder’s Secret, there are two types of people.
Elementals (aka ‘mentals)- these are people who have lived in the world of deaths all their life and have abilities such as mind reading or spreading feat. They used to be treated horribly by deaths.

Deaths- these are people who used to live in the normal world but were taken to the world of deaths. If they die unnaturally, nobody will remember their existence. They can use scythes to open passages to the normal world to reap souls but they cannot stay there or they’ll die.

(I’m sorry, I’m horrible at explaining. If you want to join but don’t understand something, just ask me.)

Year: (pretty sure the years are freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior but I’ll have to check)
Race: (elemental or death. NO you cannot be a dragon.)
Ability: (if your character is an elemental)

Name: Acantha
Age: 14
Year: Freshman
Race: Elemental
Ability: Fearmonger (basically, her presence makes people scared)
Gender: Female
Description: She has long blonde hair, almost white and pale skin. She also has red eyes.
Personality: Shes very quiet and can get angry easily. She hates people who dislike her for her power and she thinks it’s unfair. Acantha is distrustful of others and bitter.

(looks interesting, i need to find and these books XD reminds be abit of soul eater with the whole, train to collect souls XD)