A Selection Inspired Roleplay

This is an rp based off of the Selection series. For those of you who haven tread the series, the Selection is about a dystopian America called Illéa where they have a caste system. A caste, for those who don’t know, is similar to a rank. Ones are royalty, twos are celebrities, threes are great minds, fours are business men, fives are artists, sixes do housework, sevens do outdoor work, and eights are the untouchables, theyre either homeless, runaways, or criminals. Last names in Illea also are based off of ones cast. http://theselection.wikia.com/wiki/Caste_System#Two.

Illéa is a monarchy. This rp will be set during Clarksons Selection and the north and southern rebellion will be starting. Illéa has a system where when they have a princess, they marry them off to another kingdom but if they have a prince, they have a Selection. A Selection is when 35 girls from the 35 different provinces get chosen to compete to marry the prince, who in this case, is Clarkson. This roleplay isn’t about the Selection though, it’s about the rebellions. Basically, you can be one of the selected but the Selection won’t be too important.

In Illea, not everyone is happy with the monarchy. So, there are the Southern and Northern rebels. The Northern rebels hope to work with the royals to demolish the castes and make a more fair Illéa, while, the Southern rebels want to destroy the monarchy and rule over Illéa and are not afraid to murder innocents, unlike the northern rebels. Basically, the two rebellions are against each other and the southern rebellion is constantlynattacking the palace.

Just for a bit more info on the Selection. In a Selection, the selected go on dates with the prince and are slowly narrowed down to six, the elite. Then, they’re narrowed down to two, which the prince will pick from.

If you decide you want to be part of the selected, You’re character must be female and 16-20
Keep it pg

To join:
Rp name:
Role: (selected, rebel, etc)

Rp name: Azura Bright
Age: 17
Role: Northern Rebel
Province: Waverly
Caste: 3
Background: Azura grew up in a family of five. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a librarian. She had always dreamed of becoming a guard but she knew it was impossible. Females couldn’t be accepted into the draft. Still, she held onto that dream. When she was 9, her father and brothers joined the Northern rebels. Quickly, she joined as well, it was her chance to fight. Azura had always known her skills were wasted. She understood strategy as if it were a language she was fluent in. Still, when she joined the rebels, it wasn’t enough for her. She didn’t see the point in trying to make peace with the royals.
Desc: Azura has long brown hair that’s normally worn in a braid. She often wears a pair of jeans and a plain shirt. She looks kind of like like this: image

Personality wise, Azura isn’t a very pleasant person. She’s always calculating what’s best for her. She’s selfish, competitive, manipulative, and fake. She’s often putting on a smile for everyone and acting kind even though at every second she’s figuring out how to destroy them. Deep down, she’s not as bad though. As a child, she never understood jokes. She’d spend hours pondering them. Her mind was hardwired to only undestand the strategic and logical part of the human brain, she just couldn’t understand the other half.

Rp name: Sonya Wrede
Age: 17
Role: Selected
Province: Carolina
Caste: 4
Background: Her parents were jewelers, and they taught her how a business is operated and the components one requires. She spent her life safely in her caste, and she was heavily taught the values of hard work and tenacity by her parents and older brother. When Prince Clarkson’s selection needed applicants, there was plenty of disagreement among her family members until her parents reminded her of the benefits of just trying and told her that she should work hard and try to rise.
Desc: She has long black hair that often falls in waves, blue-green eyes, pale skin, and is around 5’5. She is slender, and she often prefers to wear casual clothes.

Rp name: Matthew Actor
Age: 17
Role: Northern Rebel
Province: Kent
Caste: 5
Background: Matthew grew up with a mother and father who saw emotion as an unneeded weakness. He spent many a night silently crying himself to sleep. The way he was raised, you would have thought he would have become like them. On the contrary, their attitude only made him understand the need for emotions. At the first chance, he joined the northern rebels, throwing himself into the cause wholeheartedly.
Desc: Matthew has brown hair and amber eyes, 6’. Personality wise, He’s very emotional, and can read someone’s emotions easily. He’s friendly, kind, humorous, and sometimes too trusting.

(Never read the series, But HERE WE GO!)

Rp name: Alyson Thatcher
Role: (selected, rebel, etc) Selected
Province: Sota
Caste: 2 - Actress
Background: Alyson was born into a wealthy family. From the very get go, she liked to dance and pretend to be someone who she was not - namely, someone of lower castes. She was always chosen to portray them in films, because nobody else wanted the job. She was loved and pampered through her whole life, and looked to the future as an opportunity to further her acting career. She didn’t think anything of being Selected.
Desc:image Her hair is always a little bit frayed and messy because of her career. She is short, measuring at 5 feet and 7 inches tall.




This is a complete sentence.)

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(well, this is set in the future. In the early 1900’s, the average male was 5’9". Nowadays, The average Male is 5’11". So feasibly, She could be short at 5’7".)

(jeez im glad im not born in the future then id be a midget LOL also I see your point understandable have a nice day)

(We should probably start)
Azura hurried around the library, helping her mother place books up on the shelf. “Azura! You could do that more neatly you know!” Her mother scolded. Azura groaned. She hated things like this. People were always trying to find peace. She had never understood that. Her father was always going on about how the rebels need to work with the queen, but she didn’t see how that would help. Azura knew her father didn’t agree, but she thought the southern rebels were right. The royals would never agree to what the rebels asked for, not without a fight.

(I checked the first book out from the library, ate lunch, and finished it in four hours. My brother told me I needed a life. I said, “I’ve got teen romances, I need nothing more.”)

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(I know that i’m a boy irl, but i’ll be a selected.)
Rp name: Rachel Farmer
Age: 19
Role: selected
Province: Carolina
Caste: 4
Background: She was born and raised, her brother joined the rebels, and there is nothing else.
Desc: Red hair green eyes, likes food.

Matthew strolled through the library, moving the books into more neat positions.

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