A Thanks Message to All Our 2020 Staff

Very often, our staff are under constant preassure and are not thanked enough for all they do. This year has been extremely hard for all of us, hence our heads of staff believe this post is of uttermost need, so we can publicly thank every single staff member that has contributed to keeping this community alive and making the best of it.

Helpers (By Crystal)

Helper team is one of the most important ones: they take care of new people, answer any questions to new or more experienced players and overall assist whoever needs aid.

We’ve had many helpers this past year, who we are all very grateful for! And on that note, a special thank you tooooo…
Saige, Katie, Souless, Theo, Duck, Kitty, Bass, James -> Saige, Katie, Bass, Souless, Theo, Duck, Kitty, and James are our current team of helpers! Some of them are newer to the team, but we are equally grateful to you! Thank you for helping out every player on the server, and doing it with a smile! We are so happy to have you guys on the team! Thank you for everything!

And a special thank you to all our past helpers: Annike, Emily, John, Adam, Ki, Red, Lilly, Melissa, Min, Saaniya, Bobby, Mia, Hannah, Meow, Jordyn, Ashley, and Becky. We are so thankful for everything you guys have done for the server and the community during your time as helper! You guys have all made the new players feel welcome, and we can’t thank you guys enough for always being ready to lend a helping hand!

Texture Artists (By Smile)

Texture artists are the ones to blame for the amazing texturepack KnockturnMC currently has,: they create both 2D models and 3D models.
Cris Malfoy -> Cris has been a member of this community for a long time and she’s brought many positive things including some very neat textures! We’re very thankful for everything that she has done and expect many more to come :slight_smile:

Lucky Barnes -> To be honest, without Lucky we wouldn’t have been where we are right now. Even though he’s not a part of the team anymore, he has probably spent the most time of anyone ever on making textures for the server and has inspired many others to follow him in his path!

Elder Flamel -> Elder was part of the team for a short time however you may know him for his very pretty pet ticket texture. We thank him for his positive input and the kindness that he brought!

Lore (By Crystal)

Lore is the team that writes all our automated lessons and quests!

What would Knockturn be without our lovely Lore Team?
A special thank you toooooo…

Haley -> Haley, we’d like to thank you for doing so much for the server as the head of the Lore Team! For updating quests, like the broom and casting tutorial. Creating new quests, for example: the Broom flying quest, finding the lost child quest, and the find the missing friend quest! We’re excited for what else you have in store for us! Thank you for being a great leader this year! We’re very happy to have you on the team!

James & Bess -> Thank you to James for the Common room quests! And we’d also like to thank Bess for Aldressa’s lost wand quest! What would we do without you guys? Thank you both so much for all that you’ve done for the server!

Rey, Anthony, Stumpy -> Thank you to Rey, Anthony, and Stumpy for starting the textbook rewrites! You guys almost finished all the Year 1 textbooks this year, and we’re so proud of you guys! Thank you so much for putting in so much work this year!

Rey, Bess, Bewenne, Stumpy, Illiment, Pande, Mag -> Thank you to Rey, Bess, Bewenne, Stumpy, Illiment, Pande, and Magdalene for starting the lesson rewrites this year! We’re so happy to have you guys on the team, and are so proud that you guys are working so hard! Thank you so much!

Emily, Hari, Keyla, Alice -> Thank you to Emily, Hari, Keyla, and Alice for always doing their best as Lore members! You can always count on them to lend a hand on a new project! We’re so grateful to have you guys on the team!

Bellona, Daisy, Sammy, Gracen, Alex, Melody, Lizzy, Bobby -> Bellona, Daisy, Sammy, Gracen, Alex, Melody, Lizzy, and Bobby used to be a part of the lore team. We’d like to thank each one of you guys for all that you’ve done for us this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Social (By Smile)

Social Media team is well… the team respnsible of all our social media…
Will Rose -> As one of our most talented members of the social media team yet Will has made quality videos and helped a lot getting our server more out there. He’s an incredible addition to the team and we’re glad to have welcomed him as new social team head.


Saige Sinta -> Saige has built a lot for our events, especially in the December month and has also helped a lot of newbs to find their way to happiness. Thanks for all the positivity you bring and we hope you’ll build many more Elsa castles :wink:

Theo Harrison -> As builder, helper and head of the Texture Artists team Theo has been a great help for the server. Cooperating well with Pandette and his fellow TA’s he has created numerous amazing things and we’re very thankful to have him on board.

Sergio Strange -> As one of the best at listening to Pande Sergio has brought some great ideas to our team and never failed to entertain people in voice chats. He’s graded loads of homework and has really been there for many of us. Noteable he improved the Forbidden Forest a ton as well. Thanks for the nice words and inspiration!

Penelope Stone -> Penelope has done a very very lot of helping however she’s also done quite a bit of building! Helping a lot with new creations we’re very proud of what she’s achieved this year.

Tahj Royal -> Tahj using way too many trapdoors yet still being amazing at interior design has worked on a lot of projects and brought a lot of smiles to the team. We’ve really enjoyed his presence and are always glad to see him again.

Hannah Lestrange -> Working mainly on London we’re very glad with her contribution to the remake of London mainly structurally. She was always hanging out in vc’s and has incredibly cute dogs that never failed to entertain us :slight_smile:

Lucille Gaunt -> Even though she wasn’t part of the team for very long her input in London is very much appreciated and has helped the team a lot.

Kat Weasley -> Working mainly on new structures and being a great help on London as well we miss her quite a bit. We’re glad with what she’s brought to the team and are thankful for her activity in building.

Events (By Smile)

Events team is the one responsible of hosting and organising events.
Angelina Nott -> Having been part of this team for only a short time she has already contributed something to the team and we hope to see many more things in the future. It’s always fun to hang around with Angelina and we thank her for her enthusiasm.

Professors (By Daniel)

Professor team is the one responsible for teaching classes, gradiung homwork and keeping an out for RP Offenses.

Becky -> Becky has been a great asset to the professor team. While due to irl she had to leave, while she was professor, she helped a ton with lessons and grading homework. Hope we see you again back as a professor some day and thank you so much for that insane amount of effort you put into your role. :heart:

Moderators (By Smile)

Moderators do all the helper helper duties and and are in charge of moderating chat, and making sure people are following the rules along with a few small duties.
Blaire Slughorn -> Blaire is always very eager to help with almost anything. Willing to host events, assisting professors and always there when asked to do something she’s a great addition to our current team of mods!

Ryder King -> As most likely the most hard working mod of this year we were very sad to see her go but are extremely thankful for everything she has done. She was always the first to take any challenge head on and contributed a great deal to this community.

Axel King -> Axel was a part of the team for quite a while and in his entire career he never lacked and was always there for everyone. Always fulfilling his duties we were sad to see him go but nevertheless enjoyed the time we had with him.

Melissa Malfoy -> Melissa always has stood his ground and as moderator he excelled in dealing with conflicts and never backing down from what had to be done. As a long member of the community we are glad to see him every once in a while and hope to experience many more happy moments with him.

Developers (By Daniel)

Developers code all the fancy smancy plugins we got on the server!
Michael -> I believe we all know who Michael is, but in case somebody doesn’t: Michael is basically the Head Developer with Pande, anything we code is revised by him. Not only that but he is also the one and only developer of SpellCore, all spells (well, except 2 he loves), current main developer of brooms and much more!

Carter -> Carter is the developer of projects such as Hospitals and Duelling plugin. He’s always there when his plugins need any kind of modifications and therefore we are grateful for him.

Crystal -> Crystal is another of our Sr. Developers and is always willing to assist those who seek help with regards to coding. He’s also the creator of several of our fundamental plugins and concepts like KnockturnCore. For this, we shall always be indebted with him.

Nomsy -> Nomsy is another of our seasoned developers, he’s the one mainly in charge of bots, and while you may not see him often, he’s always there when needed. Therefore we are very grateful to still have him on the team after all these years.

Andrio -> Andrio is the dev of the chess and gobstones plugin. While he’s quite busy irl and hasn’t been able to maintain his code, he is slowly working on coding a new chess plugin and is always there to test. Hence it’s great to have him around.

Admins (By Daniel)

Admins basically fill in any dutie they got permission for and may act as several roles if the situation requires it.
Emma -> Emma was until recently one of our experienced moderators, however, her effort was greatly appreciated and she’s now one of our bebé admins! Emma is one of those staffies that always wants more work and accepts nothing but perfection (not that she achieves nothing under it tho). A clear example of all the work she does for our community is the insane amount of events she claimed and hosted these Holidays. There’s so much to thank you for, but there’s no words to describe it, thank you so much for sticking with us for so long! :heart:

Crystal -> Many of you may not know what Crystal duties are, that’s because she’s got a fundamental task as a staff manager to keep track of a few teams payment lists, track staff application votes, keep track of helpers, etc. Crystal is one of our seasoned admins too and hence she’s done a lot for the server during all the time she’s been with us. Even though we might not always demonstrate it, we are really grateful for you and all you’ve done. :heart:

Rey -> Rey is another of our new admins, and ever since she’s got admin, there hasn’t been a day where you haven’t seen her all over KnockturnMC where we haven’t seen her stop for a second. She’s always there when help is needed and involved in as many tasks as she can, both as an admin and lore. One of the qualities I most admire of her is that she doesn’t like to show off how much she’s done, but rather keeps it to herself. We can’t express how grateful we are to have you! :yellow_heart:

Smile -> Smile is currently one of our most experienced admins and is always enthusiastic to help anyone who needs it or to take up that task no one likes to do (like picking up the puke from the puking pastilles, which he does very well- jkjk). In all seriousness tho, we cannot be grateful enough for all he does and has done, thank you so much for being so constant and always giving nothing but your best. (Round of applause) :clap: clap: :clap:

Michelle -> Many of our newer users may not know her, but Michelle had been admin for long and had worked extremely hard to make the best out of this community. While in her last couple months she got really busy, before that she only gave her best and nothing less, hence being one of the most hard-working admins we’ve ever had. Therefore, we are extremely grateful for her and all the work she’s done :heart:

Melody -> Melody definitely stood out throughout her whole career as a staff, hence why she got admin so swiftly. She took over a project that was taking extremely long, potion ingredients textures, and did all she could to get the highest quality results in a very short period of time. This partly led to her promotion to admin, and while she hadn’t been moderator before, she worked hard enough to complete both of her mentorings! Sadly due health reasons she had to abandon us. Nonetheless we are extremely thankful for all her work!

Harry -> You may very often see him as he’s one of our most if not the most active admins. Not only is he eager to do any staff task, but he’s also eager to achieve anything knockturn related, hence becoming the user with the most NV spells. We are extremely grateful for all the effort he puts into our community.

Johnny -> Johnny is currently our eldest admin, this year he’s had a lot of in real life stuff going on, hence he’s been extremely busy. Nevertheless, we’re still extremely thankful for all he’s done over all these years.

Bess -> Bess is one of our new baby admins, and is still in the mentoring process learning all an admin needs to know. Nevertheless, Bess has been working extremely hard these last months as a lore team member, being there and always willing to take the biggest of projects by herself. We are really grateful for all your contribution to the lore team!

Ava -> And here we got Emma’s partner in crime… where ever is Emma, Ava will be there, and the other way round. Ava is the other staffie that claimed a… s- oops let’s not curse here Holiday events. She works extraordinarily hard in all of her roles. Therefore we are undoubtedly indebted with you. :smile:

Owners (By Crystal)

We take the majority of decisions, do any tasks that don’t specificly fit in any role and do all admin duties.
Lisa -> Lisa is a co-owner we lost earlier this year. While not many newer players know her, she is a very sweet person. During her time as co-owner, she has contributed to much to the server, and we all miss her. Thank you for everything you’ve done Lisa, we hope you’re doing well!

Pande -> Now, we can’t forget the owner of Knockturn! Although Pande might be considered a scary owner, she is a very kind and hardworking person. Pande pours so much love and energy into this server. You can always count on her to be doing her very best! Thank you for making Knockturn… well… Knockturn! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us both as an Owner and as a Dev. As a Dev Pande has made a lot of contributions this year like Classrooms, Pets, Shops, Mobs and much more!. The server and the community you’ve built means so much to so many people. We love you! <3

Hari -> Another one of our snekky co-owners! Hari is always there to lend a helping hand if you need her! She was always there for us staff members when we needed guidance, especially the moderators. Unfortunately, she’ll be leaving us soon. But we will never forget how amazing you’ve been! Thank you for always being so positive throughout this year! We’ll miss you!

Smol -> Smolo, aka Tal is one of our co-owners, who’s also head of the builder team. We’d like to thank you for putting so much work into helping the server. You’re always so sweet to us, too! You always manage to make us laugh, and we’re very grateful to have you on the team!

Alm -> Almerian is our other head-builder. She mainly works in the backend hence it’s hard to sometimes realise the insane amount of work she puts into the server. So thank you so much for all you do!

Bell -> Bellona is one of our co-owners from Ravenclaw! She is super kind, and will always be ready to help you out with something! She’s also really funny, and is a great person to be around! Thank you for treating everyone with so much kindness, and thank you for helping out the server! Bellona’s done a lot for us in 2020, and we can’t thank her enough! <3

Haley -> Haley is our newest co-owner! She has worked so hard as a co-owner already. Haley is also head of the lore team. She has contributed so much to Lore and Dev and the server this year especially with regards to writting and coding quests. She is also a very sweet person! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and we’re very excited to spend 2021 with you! :heart:

Outstanding Users

There’s also a few users who to our mind have definitely outstood from the rest for one reason or another. Can either be due to the effort they’ve put into improving this community to some great achivement they’ve fulfilled.

Big thanks to Grace Granger, Will Booth, Gareott Armstrong & Jordan Edwards!

Ofcourse we are also grateful for every single one of you!

Merry Christmas,



Woow, what a year… What a team.
The reason I do what I do is because of this amazing community. I couldn’t be prouder to be a tiny little part of this big server.


Since SOMEBODY didn’t wanna put in their thank you that I wrote with so much love… a big thanks tooooo…
Dani -> Daniel is one of Knockturn’s very hardworking co-owners. He does so much for the server, and he does it with so much passion! Not only that, but he is always there for everyone, no matter what. He’s got such a sweet and kind personality. Daniel, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done! We’re so happy to be celebrating another year with you on the team! <3 <3 <3


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