A Time of Struggle

Kingdoms come crushing down from all sides onto the dying kingdom of Ultimum Spes. Ultimum Spes, in the center of the North Septentrio, South Austellus, West Obcasus, and East Exortus kingdoms, faces opposition from all sides, and faces an almost certain fate of being wiped from the face of the land.

One day, the king of the land of Spes wandered around his castle, spotted a bright light, peaking from the rich ground. He bent over, picking up a small crystal and lifted it up into the air to examine such a fine prize. The crystal spun and shone with color, dazzling in the eye and pleasing to the gods. He walked back to his mount and traveled back to the gates of his palace, dismounting and walking along the regal halls of his forefathers. The king walked onward to his throne room, crystal in hand, and stopped before his own marble, white and black throne. He looked up to the stained glass pane of the gods and, yelling in frustration at his own helplessness for his kingdom, threw and shattered both the glass and the crystal.

The crystal shattered into a million tears, and the king sank into his own sadness and sobs echoed throughout the empty throne room. Sobs of despair, begging for help, and a last hope for the kingdom of Ultimum Spes.

The kingdom fell, and all four kingdoms, claimed portions of the remaining ruins of the failing kingdom. The gods, hearing the last cries of a doomed king, resurrected him in the form of a dark spirit, vengeful for his kingdom and his people.

Now no noble of the four kingdoms are safe, and a growing army threatens the sake of all. Being born in the north kingdom of Septentrio, you all will begin as a peasant going through Choosing Day, each Master choosing apprentices for the cause against the Vengeful King. Will you answer the call?

Age: (All should be 17)
Parentage: (Noble, Middle, Commoner)
What Power Resonates with you?:

Name: Raizel de Castillo
Age: (All should be 17)
Characteristics: Warm, Friendly, Sympathetic, Bubbly
Appearance: Dark hair, cut short and split in the center. Has a slim face and figure, hiding a surprising strength. Has various scars and a single tattoo on his right forearm. Partial Asian heritage
Parentage: (Noble, Middle, Commoner) Noble
What Power Resonates with you?: The ability to stop time