A Witch's Tower

Something sinister has left a small hut in the castle’s Entrance Courtyard!

Even more shocking, a mysterious force seems to teleport people to entirely new location once they go through it. Conquer the witch’s tower and claim your prize! But do so within a fortnight or your window of opportunity will pass you by. There seem to be odd structures behind the hut and tower, as well. Whatever could they be?

The Details:

  • The tower will be standing until Novemeber 7th. If you get to the top, you earn a ticket!
  • Mail your prize ticket to AlmerianMC before Nov 10th if you want to receive your prize.
  • There will be a Build Off with a SPOOKY theme at 3pm GMT / 11am EST on Sunday, October 27th! The top three builders will receive prizes as well!

Have fun, guys, and have a Happy Halloween!



:open_mouth: This will be great! Thank you <3

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So excited for the build off!

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