About the Ban Appeals category

This is where you get unbanned if you did wrong. Appeals can take from 2 weeks to a month to approve or deny depending on the situation. This is due to us looking into whether or not you deserve to return. If you do not like the wait, my suggestion is not to get banned. We put priority on people who don’t break rules over those who have broken the rules & may or may not come back to follow them again

Be sure to fill out the form correctly & make it have the correct title!! This is important, incorrect format will mean you will need to reapply.

Hey i got banned from your serever and im really sad cuz it was my favorite Plz unban me! I didnt hack and IF i did IT WASNT ME! So Please!
My minecraft Username Is Anime)_forever153
): !Ik u probobly wont see this but please! its my first time And please! unban me Im begging :

If you want to appeal then make a post and do not comment here. (It’s also necroposting which is not allowed).