About the Name-change Applications category

Welcome to Name-Change Applications!

This is strictly for name changes on the HP server.

Cost of one name change: 600 galleons (for first name OR last name)
Cost of changing both first and last name: 1000 galleons

Posts must follow this format:

Topic Title [ Name Change Request ] / [ Marriage Request ] - Username

IGN: Username
Current Roleplay Name:
Changed Roleplay Name:


Topic Title [ Name Change Request ] - iarepandemonium

IGN: iarepandemonium
Current Roleplay Name: Pandetta Bell
Changed Roleplay Name: Pandetta King
Sponsor: Michael King

Sponsor Guide
  • If Applying for Original family, an original member must be listed as Sponsor.
  • If applying for existing Custom Family, a member must be listed as Sponsor.
  • First name changes have no Sponsor.
  • Creating a new Custom family requires no Sponsor.

waiting-for-approval -> Person is waiting for correct person to approve
change-name -> Person is approved, name is waiting on change.
no-change -> Change denied
name-changed -> Name has been changed after approval.