Account was Stolen - Lost all my gear

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Whats the Issue
My Minecraft account was stolen, and I believe it was banned as when my dad gave the transaction details they said there was no trace of the account. I’ve lost all my stuff including a shop building. And things like levels and items. I have a new account now which I can use to get on however I have no access to my old one which had all my stuff here is some info I can remember about the account:

Name: Oliver Vulchanov
House: Slytherin
Broom lvls: is was somewhere between 30-40 I believe
I played on the quidditch team as a keeper
Year 1: However they still let me play on the team I believe I was very close to getting to year 2 though, like 1 more class of EXP.
I owned an orange shop however it is no longer mine
I played on the quidditch team with: Cassie, Will Krum, Johnny, Sergio,
And my old accounts username was Odd_Ollie, however it Kingwolfy2005 before that.

Request for Solution
I believe that I should be given:
Starsweeper broom
A shop of some form back
A wolf pet
Snap game
My broom levels
Moved to Slytherin
I don’t mind my name being changed back, or kept as it is now “Oliver Walsh”
Moved to either year 2 or given my class levels so that I was fairly close to reaching year 2
I remember having tier 2 spells I think, so enough spell EXP for that
Im not sure if I lost any galleons however as I can not be sure I believe I shouldn’t be given any money back
I was also just reminded by someone about chocolate from cards, I had an e-chest full of some of my favorites, I had hermionie, Dumbledore, harry, ron, and some rarer ones but those are the basic ones I remember I had other ones like gringots but I don’t really want that. The cards don’t matter too much anywhere near as much as the broom, or year, or levels and the house

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