AcrylicsFusion- Sean Stone- Continued Harassment

AcrylicsFusion- Sean Stone- Continued Harassment

ie: iarepandemonium - Pandetta Bell - Araceli Ahnmik - Trolling**

IGN: AcrylicsFusion

HP RP Name:Sean Stone

Mordonia RP name:

Reason for Ban: Continued Harassment

Why should we let you back in?
It has been almost 2 years since I got banned in October of 2018. I feel like since then I have became an adult and matured tremendously. I felt horrible after everything that I had caused on Knockturn. From the stress I brought to staff, being mean to other players, and so on. I guess you could say I was more self-centered and uncaring during my time on Knockturn. Since then, I have learned to care for and value everything that comes my way. I got quite a bit of life advice from people around here and I am very much thankful for it. I have respect for Pande, the staff team, and the entire Knockturn community. I will admit that I messed up big time and the likely hood of me getting unbanned for what I did is slim to none.

I know what I did to Stacey was awful and at the end of the day, I did nothing but regret it. It was possibly one of the worst things I ever done. I am not a bad person anymore. I am not the same mean, cruel, ignorant person I was before.

Banning me off the server didn’t exactly get rid of me either, I did things like use IRC as a way for me to still talk to people on the server. This was considered ban evading in which I broke another rule doing such and I am sorry about that.I also did things like get on alternate accounts to get on the server and communicate with people which obviously was another offense to the rules. I should of stopped when I got banned but I didn’t. I really didn’t quite understand the whole “stop” thing clearly at the time. I did things repetitively even after getting asked to stop doing a certain thing. I feel like I fixed that during my time of being banned as well.

I guess the best thing I can say at this point is I am sorry for my doings. I am sorry for hurting for everyone that I ever hurt. I never realized that I really meant anything to anyone but I realize that I was very wrong making that assumption. I would love to have an opportunity to show that I have changed since the incident. I feel like I have matured as a person and finally grew up. I know that I cannot really repair what has been broken but things are how it is.

Thanks for reading my appeal.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)
Have you been banned and unbanned before this? No


This application has been denied.