Add spell tier and category (charm, enchantment, hex, jinx, etc) to /spellinfo command

Add the spell tier and category to the beginning of the description of a spell generated by /spellinfo

Why it will be good:
I just learned from Carter that there are no curses on the server at all, despite much of the material (including many classes) claiming that there are, and family gifts and curses including curses, and wand talents including curses. You’d think this would have come up before now.
There’s lots of confusion over what tier and category some spells are in, and since the Standard Book of Spells is not updating (and is in some cases may be inaccurate) it makes sense to make the information for a spell available to someone who has successfully cast the spell.

How it will work in code/other functions
Read the tier and category from the spell in addition to the custom description and its parameters.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
No clue whose job /spellinfo is, but they’d probably be the first person to deal with it. maybe Michael? idk

Which server?

Things that will be taught in classes etc when we rewrite them

What about spells that flat-out aren’t taught in class?

Could give the information through quests or non-textbook stories made by lore team.

I believe sbos are right?