Adding a texture for tridents

Follow this check list BEFORE suggesting something:

  • Is it a canon spell ? -> Do not suggest.
  • Is it about a feature in a minecraft version we are not on yet? -> Do not suggest.
  • Did you do research to see if it was even possible? -> If no, do not suggest.
  • Is it something from the movies that you think would be cool that would take A LONG TIME TO CODE (ie: newt’s suitcase, moving stairs, jobs after graduation) -> Do not suggest, most likely we are already planning it and you’re just wasting time.
  • Is it something like the forbidden spells, horcruxes, flying apparation, or animagus, that you think the server needs and doesn’t have -> If its in the movies in a large part, its not a suggestion, you just want it to happen. Suggestions are NEW ideas.

For the trident to have its own texture like the other tools (sword, pick, etc.)

Why it will be good:
The aquatic update introduces tridents so many people are excited for it, but the default texture of the trident doesn’t really fit with the other tools (it doesn’t look very good in comparison).

How it will work in code/other functions
A small update in the texture pack.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
This might take a little bit of time for texture artists.

Which server?


@Lunch I’m sure you could remedy this

Yes! A texture for the trident (and other new 1.13 items) will be added in the next Texture Pack update :smiley: