Adding a trolley to the hogwarts express

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A trolley for the hogwarts express! Allow players to buy snacks/candy off of the trolley on the hogwarts train!

Why it will be good:
It’s just a small thing I assume, a little thing to add to the server! I invite my friends to play (because its an awesome server) and they always go on the hogwarts train and say “Where’s the trolley?” I think it’s pretty iconic, but a little thing at the same time. I mean who doesn’t know the line: Anything from the trolley dears?" I think it would add to the server just a little bit.

How it will work in code/other functions
I think it will be pretty simple, but I’m not completely sure. I assume it’s just a small trolley structure with a sign shop on it and possibly a npc if you’re feeling fancy.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Again, I don’t think it would take too long, as it sounds simple. I’m not positive because I don’t exatcly know how that stuff works.

Which server?



Now the question is: Will the trolley fit? The train is pretty narrow already, I’m afraid if we were to put a trolley in the middle of the train hallway, it would become very complicated to move in there. Perhaps putting it somewhere not in the ‘main path’, somewhere where guides and people do not go through. That, however, would lower the visibility of it - some might not wander the other way than the are supposed to go.

So it depends on the potential location, I would say.

Maybe down the hallway a little bit we could put a 3x1 trolley? So that it doesn’t block the entrance to the seats to go to hogwarts, but is still visible from them?