Aidoro - Aidan Todoroki - Glitch Abuse


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Minecraft Username: Aidoro

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Aidan Todoroki

Reason for Ban: Glitch abusing donator items on Mordonia side.

Why should we let you back in? Mamma mia, here we go again. I have a few reasons as to why I think I should be let back onto Knockturn. First off, when banned, I was confused as to the reasoning. I had recently purchased the donator cosmetics for hogwarts side, specifically the sunglasses and the devil horns if I do remember correctly. One day on Mordonia, I had the devil horns equipped, and had put on a helmet as there was some pvp going on. The devil horns came right off, and into my inventory. At some point I had dropped them, but quickly picked the item back up again, and relogged to clear them out of my inventory. Fance and a few others were in the room at the time, and we were also in a discord call, but things continued as they had. Sure enough, after relogging they went away, and I thought nothing more of it. About three months later, however, I woke up to find out that I was banned for what had gone on at this time, with the reasoning of glitch abuse. Though I do not make the rules, or define them, I still do not think it was a glitch abuse. Simply put, glitch abuse is finding or knowing about a glitch, and proceeding to exploit it for an unfair advantage. Though I acknowledge the removal of the cosmetic and subsequent dropping may not have been intended, I picked them up immediately, and relogged to clear them. Under the same line, since they are cosmetics, they provide no advantage in the game, apart from looking snazzy due to Lucky’s texturing skills. At some point I had reported this issue to one of the higher ups from Mordonia, questioning if this was a thing, and I do take fault for not pursuing to get a full answer. Since then, about three months after the ban, Mordonia unbanned all their players, so the punishment has been nullified on there. However, I would prefer to come back to Hogwarts side. I miss Quidditch, and classes, and the friends I have made. Since returning last April, my behavior on Hogwarts was stellar, as I continued to work to join Slytherin, and eventually reach my goal of prefect. I hope to be unbanned to continue this, and rejoin a community that I have missed and always enjoyed. I have talked with a few people still present on the server since the ban, keeping in touch, and asking for advice regarding appealing, and thought that I should at least give it a shot. I hope to continue to be a beneficial member of the community, obtaining more points and yearing up, and hopefully returning to Quidditch, and hope that I can be unbanned to do so. Thank you.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned) Yes.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this? Yes.


This appeal has been denied. Please try again in two weeks.