Ali's Bitz & Bitez

Ali’s Bitz & Bytez

Now Open for Business!

At the moment, I don’t have a ton of things for sale, but I’ll be adding more over time.

Free for the use of all: Brewing equipment & fully powered enchantment table
(if you use the brewing equipment, please drop a few fire seeds/blaze powder into the mailbox so I can replenish them as needed)

The main thing is this is a great place to come study, work on homework or hang out with friends. The atmosphere is very homey and welcoming!

You can find me in the loft above Ollivander’s. For now, the floo doesn’t work, but sooooon!

More pics

Yo you should go delete your other post…

I can’t…I have no perms to edit or delete the thread itself.

70g a week wow lol
that is a lot considering some london shops go for as little as 250g xD

I just lowered to 50g/week just hadn’t had a chance to come here and post it. Why can’t we edit our posts? It’s really annoying.

Also…I was just going based on what I have seen in other places that are renting rooms/storage. I’ve not been here long enough to know what kind of market there is. I only just recently found the cheaper places like 2 days ago.

You can edit posts, you just need to have been on the forums for longer and have posted more.

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