Almerian Kirklan taking points

AlmerianMC Has taken one point from hufflepuff for me apparently trying to glitch inside her YII charms class when all I was doing was watching through the window on my broom.

I wish to have my point back as I see this unfair.

Flying brooms through to glitch into classrooms is a known problem, and considered bug abuse. After a student pointed out to me that someone was flying directly into the window for an extended period, it seemed rational to think that they were attempting to glitch inside during my class. Especially when anyone that wanted to observe could have walked right into the class, since it was still Open.

Messaging an admin about it, I was told to take points. He flew away and I noted as such and was told to take points anyway. I’m sorry that you fell that I treated you unfairly.


If I wanted to watch, I tried to walk in, being a Year one I cannot walk in though I tried. And how am I bug abusing hovering in front of a window trying to watch your lil class?

And the reasoning for what I said, was based off of points being taken earlier from a student that used the bug abuse to glitch out of the hospital wing.

Which I sadly do not have a screenshot of due to Yrel being down on discord .-.

Probably not my place to be talking, I wasn’t there. If it’s a known bug, it could be a misunderstanding. It’s one point though. At least it’s not all of them (Cause I’m in Hufflepuff too)

Yes Hari I know someone glitcehd out of hospital wing I am a witness…But you aren’t really sure that I was trying to glitch so it is kinda unfair to take points

  1. Watch from the doorway works just as well. 2. Can you prove you were not right against the window, had there been some distance between you and the window or that you were standing on the windowsill , it’d be more believable that you were simply there to observe, rather than trying to get around the yr block and glitch into the classroom.

Dude I have a comet 140 its a bit hard to stay in one place

I know that I’m not involved in this situation, and I was not a witness, but just saying, Charms class has windowsills and you could be standing on one of those watching from the window instead of being right up against the window on your broom, of all things. It would provide more evidence that you weren’t trying to glitch in.

I agree with Katherine, and again, it was one point.

A single point by a fair players is easily something earned back. The problem is trolls will always claim they were not doing whatever they were doing. To be fair to all, we must be consistent with punishments. That means if you appear to be doing something, you will probably be judged as doing it. Not all things in life are fair, and trolls ruin it for everyone. This is what the world is like. If you are intent on staying on the server, this is barely a hit compared to the vast amount of points you can earn.

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