An update, I guess...?

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done anything anywhere. (except for builder stuff, you guys have heard from me a good amount)

Just wanted to post an update so everyone knows what’s going on with me!
SO, basically, I have reached adulthood, and start at an internationally renown film school, located in my city on Wednesday (yes, this wednesday.) and had my interview for that on Friday, which obviously went well or I wouldn’t be including it in my update XD.
This course is going to be happening Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays, (Aussie times) so won’t be around at all during the days, and maybe only a little in the evenings, workload dependent, as the fun thing with film school, is all our editing is set for homework, so I might have to stay on campus till the late hours of the night.

I have also recently started a new job, and while I am only in training at the moment, I expect to be getting about 2 shifts a week, which could take up any moment of my spare time, however being causal, I can tell them when I can and can’t work, so it won’t be too much of a disturbance.

Finally, I recently got a puppy!! She is a border collie named Luna, so both Bess and I now have Luna’s in our lives :)) She takes up a lot of time and requires a hefty amount of attention, which means that even if I am at my computer and around, I may have to drop everything at a moments notice to deal with her, so thats fun :expressionless:

Anyway, I guess for the most part I am back, and will do my best to accomplish all my staff duties when I can! (yes even my helper duties which have been sorely neglected [sorry])

Looking forward to the future!
Much love,
Euie <3


Congratulations on getting into the film school! That’s a big accomplishment! Also do send pictures of the puppy <3

Grats mate you must be so hyped!!! Stay safe out there <3

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