Andrew has joined the Brawl!

First off, why all the Yu-Gi-Oh references? xD Anyway…
Greetings everyone! Bonjour mes amis! Hola mi amigoes! My name is Andrew Arima, in the realm of Minecraft I go by Aquilonn. I am 16 years of age, male, and live in Canada(specifically southern Ontario).

My hobbies include Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, listening to weird anime music, watching anime, and playing a wide variety of video games. I find myself easily entertained but also easily invested into games. I think I’m the only person in existence to cry from a Pokemon game(End of Pokemon Sun), and if I had a man card I ripped it up a long time ago with how many times various sources have made me break down. That’s me, hope to see you all in-game!


I can’t finish Pokemon Sun since I lost my 3ds somewhere ;-;

Welcome btw!


Bonjour, mon ami! xD I have a 3DS but I don’t actually play Pokemon, I was obsessed a few years back though!