Another class question, especially for those who have been around

With the planned class system, there would be no ‘repeat’ classes. Which means you would be able to attend 24 individual classes in a single day. With that understood, and assuming first year is done in 6 classes per subject (which is our current estimate, perhaps it will change) That will mean that you can TECHNICALLY attend all the classes in first year in 3 days.

9 subjects * 6 = 54

Assume someone is on for 8 hours and therefore attends about 8 classes a day.

That means in a single week they would be able to year up ~

Assuming a person attended classes every single day for 8 classes a day, how long do you think they should be able to year up (with the assumption that some ppl may go insane and do it in shorter time but some ppl do need sleep and have work.)

  • 3 days @ 8 classes per day
  • 1 week @ 8 classes per day
  • 1 1/2 weeks @ 8 classes per day
  • 2 weeks @ 8 classes per day
  • 3 weeks @ 8 classes per day
  • 4 weeks like I had to do because I hate other people D:

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Something to keep in mind: Usually people don’t go to 8 classes per day


I definitely want it a little easier and this is a great idea, I just hope that it doesn’t make graduating too easy (purple names aren’t special war medals if everyone has them)


Weekends people could go to 16 tho

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Tho they get repeated currently and hence no experience second time

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This is not about current status

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Be online 16 hours? Oh wow.

I’ve done it without logging off once xD

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