Anyone interested in a DevAthlon?

Ladies and gentlemen,

I was planning on hosting a DevAthlon for the entire KnockturnMC network.

What even is a DevAthlon Michael ?
A DevAthlon is a competition for developers, in this case, spigot-developers. It will take place from midnight on a Saturday to midnight on the following Monday, giving every participant 48 hours to develop the solution.

I will not participate, nor will Pande or Crystal. Everyone else is free to join the competition.

The rules are as follows:

  1. The written plugin has to function without any form of spigot-dependency.

  2. You are allowed to use frameworks/utils like Apache Common / lombok / guice etc.

  3. The plugins do not have to store any data in a database, it can all be local.

  4. No team up :wink:

  5. You are not allowed to copy code :joy:

  6. When entering you need to provide the link to the GitHub repo you will be pushing your code to. The last commit before or at midnight Monday counts as the final build :ok_hand:

As the project takes some time for me to prepare, I would approciate to know who is interested in such event. Therefore we don’t host an event for 2 people xD

The plugin will also be rather easy for the 48 hour timespan, so don’t chicken out just because you don’t have a ton of years of experience

NOTE: If you cannot code, you don’t have to vote on the poll xD I just wanna know how many could join the event

  • Yes please I wanna try to win some prizes
  • Naaah dude I don’t even know how to code

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Thanks for reading :heart:. I hope we get a few people interested

What are those prizes

We will be giving out Pariter Apparate as well as Mors Caelorum und 12 Manducare bottles as well as the spell itself.

For everyone in the top 3, we will also be giving out some Confringo scrolls with enough XP to boost you to master level on it :wink:

Additionally, I hope to have a prize pool for the first 5 of around 20 stacks of galleons too


Jeezus those prizes. Brace ourselves, the dark times are about to come.

@Daniel (and Jordan I won’t ping 'cuz I’m scared) you better win this, I believe in you


Go easy so I can win kthx

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Eyy that looks like a bunch of people will try their best <3 thanks.

I will be preparing the event for next next weekend :ok_hand: if anyone that wanted to participate cannot make it please dm me, maybe we can move it


What date does it start in then? :joy:

1st and 2nd December