Apparation License - Merlin Morgan

Apparition License - Free
Floo - 600 Galleons.
Vanishing Cabinet - 1000 galleons + both cabinets built.
Replacing a Lost Apparition License - 10 galleons
Re-Applying for an Apparition License after having it revoked - 50 Galleons.
Repairing a Floo Fire that was put out OR changing the floo word- 30 Galleons
Relocating a Floo Fire - 100 Galleons
Repairing a broken Vanishing Cabinet - 15 Galleons

Minecraft Username:
Hogwarts Roleplay Name:
Merlin Morgan
Re-applying for a apparation license after having it revoked.
Coords to Floo/Vanishing Cabinet:

Name for Floo/VanishingCabinet:

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