Apparition License!

Testing for Apparition License is available at the Ministry of Magic!
Only available to Year 6+ students.

To complete the test to receive your license, you must submit an application to the Apparition Test Center’s mailbox at the office in the Ministry of Magic (Dpt. of International Magical Offices of Law, 6th Floor) OR submit an application under Magical Applications on Discourse following the appropriate format.

Format of Application for in-game:
IGN/Role Play Name

After submitting the application, you must wait for Lisa (Lisahh) Blishwick to contact you in-game to say that you are ready to take the test. You may message Lisa in-game or on Discord to remind her or let her know you have submitted the application if you feel it has not been seen. However, please be patient and do not repeatedly remind her.

To get to the Apparition Testing area, from the Apparition Test Center office, use the floor fireplace.
The floo-password is: Apparition

During the test:
You will be issued a temporary apparition license then you will be asked to complete a course to exemplify your apparition skills. You will also be asked to complete a brief written portion testing your knowledge and judgment of how Apparition should be used.

Failing the Test:
Failure to complete the course successfully will result in a revoke of your license.
You must wait 1 week to reapply.

Rules of Apparition: (for Main World)
During the test you may not apparate outside of the course until passing/completion
You may not complete the test without Lisa Blishwick or an admin+ being online

With your ability to apparate:
do not apparate to restricted areas
do not apparate to players and kill them
do not apparate to players without permission (don’t be annoying and harrass them)
if asked to leave by a player, don’t hang around
do not troll players by spam apparating them
do not apparate AFK players
If caught violating any of these rules, your license can and will be revoked/suspended accordingly

Apparition License Replacement:
If something is to happen to your apparition license after passing the test
ex) tossed it in the fire
ex) used it to craft a book accidentally
ex) dropped it somewhere
You have displayed irresponsibility in keeping a hold of it and must reapply to take the apparition license test again and earn it back. This is the case for any privilege- once you lose it, you must earn it back :slight_smile:

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