Appreciation to The Unknown Staff of Knockturn

                               Staff Appreciation Post

Warning this was not approved by any owner and as such is a post completely done by me, and some of my friend who are previous staff -Love Luffy

Lore Team!
You help the Hogwarts side of this server so much! Yet, no one mentions you by name! Many are amazing writers and yet you are never told how awesome the server is because of you!
Special Thanks to Gabby Wells , Hunaida Matthews, Emily Alderton, Keyla Weasley, Kendra Bell, Hanna Lestrange, Fareknight Night, Bella Gardner and finally but certainly not least Sorayah Morgan.

To the Lore Team member who has gone poor Heli Bones! You will always be missed!

To the past Professor and Lore Team member Jake Evans! A man who has grown within this server!

Helpers!(They Help!)
Helpers! Oh what can be said of them! They answer our many questions with endless patience! They guide us and enable us to continue within the Hogwarts side of the Knockturn Networks! They each are beautiful and helpful in their own ways that are too many to list! Your the Servers House elf’s… only you get paid! Special Thanks to our many, many, many helpers!

Smol Owen, Winter Brooks, Destiny Sinistra

Beth Watts, Bambi Cunningham, Alex Slytherin

Cassie Anderson, David Granger, Amber Spiritus,

Flame Wells, Ash Green, Elena Harris, Elsa Ollivander,

Horace Bones, Hunaida Matthews, Lilly Potter,

Lilly Arima, Khan Foster, Maya Lovegood,

Monica Wood, Naomi Pearce, Ophelia Clairmont,

Percy Scrimegour, Percy Arima, Storm King

Ron Lovegood and William Fox.

Finally the Staff that has been and gone!

Cora Prion!
Cora is a very understanding human being, she will bring out a better side of you! She is super nice! She kept the server positive! She even went as far as to mess up her own sleep schedule to be on the server!(Sacrificing her Australian Time for American Time!) Many thanks to this Passed Admin!

“Cora is lit fam”-App__Senpai
"My favorite Australian"-Kat
"Great Australian!(In Scottish accent)"-Calnash

Veara Titan-They were a good admin! Even if they were not very well known! He had a good run!
Very Missed Veara!

“Veara was a dude”-Kat Kirkland
"Veara is my bb wife, even if im divorcing him"-App–Senpai

Nellius Bagshot /Bell /Lupin( Toaster Oven )-

“Spellspam Buddies”-Calnash
"Doanted such money to this server"-Kat
"Neillus was lit my dude"-App
"Nelius, my Toaster oven"-Luffy

Kat Kirkland-
Kat was an awesome admin she spread positive mood lets around and kept our chats free of the dreaded CAPS monsters!
“She’s really caring about unbiased questions”- Calnash

" One of my closet friends I’ve made! "- App

“She makes my day betters that’s for sure”- Luffy

Crickets”- Knockturn Server at 3:31am 8/7/17

App Titian!
You helped Knockturn Networks move from its old site to the new site! You have helped the server keep some very good forum posts such as announcements, rules, lessons for every class to name a few! You have been a little bit of everything at least once from way down on Helper to the highest you’ve been Mod! You were even a spell dev for a short, short time.


So not what so ever get butt hurt over this appreciation post ya’ll hear me? These people donated their time and in Neillus’s case a lot of money to this server!


lowkey half those ppl aren’t lore team anymore

Also shoutout to former Lore Member, Alex Slytherin! Hope to see you back again someday, hon <3

Props to all of you unsung heroes! We couldn’t do any of this without you, all of you.

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Thank chu Luff <3 this made my day xD

Btw I’m not Helper anymore but this is cute <3

When Cora is a moderator right now lol

That was for her days as Admin and welp so many helpers have resigned recently our bad for missing the peopel at least their name was their ya know? @everyone

So I’m lore team and you didn’t write me I’m hurt

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OH NUUUUU sorry Kath! But it was bound to be a mess this was done at LIEK 3:00am at night I literally posted it and went to bed !<3 I love an appreciate you

Thank you <3

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Also it was pointed out that some info is really outdated a couple of friends and I looked through Discorse fourms to find all the people and we never looked at resignations!<3

Aww… I was in here… you’re gonna make me blush :3 Thank you to our amazing lore and Helpers, those still on and those who were. Thank you, Luffy, for making this post. There are the unknowns that never get seen.

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This is so lovely.

This is super sweet and thoughtful. Not going to lie, Nellius has been gone for so long I had almost forgot him. Thank you for bringing up good memories with him and a lot of the others listed here. c:

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Shoutout to Luke, a great Professor Assistant!

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