Ask Kat (look, another person joining the trend :o)

Title pretty much explains it <o/ have fun.
When asking questions, imagine you have your 1st grade teacher behind you, reading everything you type to your grandmother.
<3 -awaits no replies-

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Can I have your love and attention?

Of course, bbq <3

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When are we doing saturday night hide and seek again? ;-;

Well, uh… that’d be slightly difficult since App and I aren’t Hogs staff… I pass the responsibility of hosting it down to you <3

.> pff I can help ya guys out ;D u should totally still come

Uhhh excuse me, I was the creator of that you can’t just pass it down without my perms >:(

Oh but I just did. -puts on shades-

Nope, if you don’t wanna do it you’re getting replaced. Catherine, let’s do this. ;3
Anywho, question, am I your friend? =D

not anymore >:c

Wow, okay, fine. Find yourself a new staff buddy >:( (I’m crying now D= xD)

W-wait I take it back!

I love you

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


The lifespan of a woodchuck is approx. 6 years in the wild. Assuming they would chuck about 10 wood a day every day (with about 20 given breaks) that’s around 20,700 wood chucked by a woodchuck.

So, taking what we have learned today, a woodchuck would chuck about 20,700 wood in a woodchuck’s lifespan.

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Will you marry me, Kat my one true love totally? And can we have 22 kids, 45 Alaskan malamutes, and 50 guppies?

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Sure, just add 68 Corgis.

I’m Mrs. StealYoWife to Almerian

are you truely a willow tree

Will you be mon amie?

(OUI OUI, MON AMI! JE M’APPELLE LA- ok I’ll stop now)