Ask Staff Anything! (January)

Ever have a burning question for staff?

Now you can get it answered here, at our Ask Staff Anything event!

How It Works

  1. As of the creation of this post, every member may post one question for our chosen interview subject. Keep it appropriate, please!

  2. Questions will close after One Week, giving you all plenty of time.

  3. Our dear Staffy will answer all of your questions!

We’ll rotate staff members, so don’t expect the same person twice in a row~

This month’s Staffy: Hari Bell!

Hari is one of our owners and still thinks she’s a helper! This woman has been around for ages and has contributed to everything but Dev work at some point or another. She’s short, adorable, and my personal rival. ASK HER ANYTHING!

You all have until 11:59 AM (EST) on Friday, January 31st to get your questions in for our dear staffy!


how many tall people legs have you collected?

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How many kneecaps has the staff eaten?

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Hari, oh Hari. I want to know how your life is going, and what’s one goal you’re working towards?

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Hey, Hari! What’s your favorite sport or athletic activity to participate in, and why?

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what is the best wifi name that you have seen?

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Hia Hari, favorite animal? can’t say snake

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When will the Great Expulso War ever end?

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What is your favorite insect?

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How does it feel to have johnny pick me over you :stuck_out_tongue:


Favourite season?

What animal is your favorite? (specific pls :smiley: can’t say just Snakes)

Yall ask too many questions But thanks for the curiosity!

@SJAOM Many :> but not enough. Never enough…

@Banana_Beast idk about staff, i’ve eaten… starts counting… many.

@Randy life is going good. busy busy lil bee. and cold. winter is cold! current goal is learning how to budget…and figure out if im accidentally paying for 2 health insurances lol.

@Almerian im a fan of rock climbing because i’ve always enjoyed climbing in gen, its the monkey in me. prolly a tossup between that and tennis with the fam. we aren’t pros or anything like that so it’s always a riot.

@sparks_potter I don’t normally look at them, but since you asked, I had to. Atm, i’d say my favorite is “I BELIEVE YOU”

@Guneapigler hmm if I can’t say snake, probably insects

@Atarashii when all the tall people have been cut to my level.

@smilemaster8 pollinators i guess. they’re just so handy. tho i do like me some parasitic wasps too…

@Napstablook I’d like to file a report to the auror dept for potential use of the Imperius Curse

@Dilssuperboy I’d probably say Fall. Because the leaves are so puuuuuuurty

@Sjofin If you’re gonna make me be specific. Either sweat bee cuz it’s purty, or the giant african millipede cuz they’re fun to hold and watch move around.