Ask Staff Anything! (Late!June)

Ever have a burning question for staff?

Now you can get it answered here, at our Ask Staff Anything event!

How It Works

  1. As of the creation of this post, every member may post one question for our chosen interview subject. Keep it appropriate, please!

  2. Questions will close after One Week, giving you all plenty of time.

  3. Our dear Staffy will answer all of your questions!

We’ll rotate staff members, so don’t expect the same person twice in a row~

This month’s Staffy: Smile King!

Smile is one of our admins and a longtime member of the server. This crazy staffy has a finger in many pies, working with our academics channels, YouTube team, professors, and helping to lead a department of our staff team, along with other projects!

You all have until 2:00 PM (EST) on Friday, July 3rd to get your questions in for our dear staffy!


So Smile, what do you think about Hufflepuff and how it compares to other houses?

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Smileee who’s your favorite builder?

this is a quality question idk what ur talking about :v

Smile, what has been your proudest accomplishment in all your time spent on Knockturn?

Smile, what was your favorite ktn moment?

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Smile, what has been your favourite moment as a player enjoying the day-to-day knockturn life (not as staff member)?

Smile, when you were back at primary school (I don’t know what it’s called where you live, but it’s from 5-12 basically), what was your favorite thing to do at break time and why?

Smile do you like nachos with or without cheese

Most funny situation you’ve dealt with as a staffie?

I think it’s the most underrated house of all, I hated it at first but overtime it really grew on me and now it’s my favourite out of all of the houses. I think Hufflepuffs are the most heartwarming people and compared to other houses they are super chill and relaxed.

I should probably answer something smart, like Smol before she kills me. I’d say my favourite is probably my sister though, she makes the best dirt houses with me.

Making people happy, it makes me feel great to know I made a change for the better in other’s lives.

Probably winning the Quidditch cup for the first time. It was so astonishing to me and I will never forget that moment.

Probably learning how to cast with a lot of old friends when I joined. It was just so much fun to learn all the cool possibilities I had.

I would always love to play hide and seek and climbing things.

With, it just adds that extra flavour that makes it complete.

Seeing people tell me they were not breaking any rules while I was right behind them watching.

Thank you for the questions, this was a lot of fun to do! :slight_smile: