Ask Staff Anything! (March)

A note from Almerian - Sorry for missing a month while I was MIA, guys! But we’re here, we’re in the clear, and we’re ready for some Q&A! Now, on to our regularly scheduled programming…

Ever have a burning question for staff?

Now you can get it answered here, at our Ask Staff Anything event!

How It Works

  1. As of the creation of this post, every member may post one question for our chosen interview subject. Keep it appropriate, please!

  2. Questions will close after One Week, giving you all plenty of time.

  3. Our dear Staffy will answer all of your questions!

We’ll rotate staff members, so don’t expect the same person twice in a row~

This month’s Staffy: Penelope Stone!

Wow, that’s a quick pick for a new staffy! Penelope is one of our newest builders, and is new to staff in general. Hopefully this will be a great way for you guys to get to know her better! Penny’s got a great work ethic so far and she’s shown talent though she hasn’t been with us long. Ask her anything, guys!

You all have until 2:00 PM (EST) on Sunday, March 29th to get your questions in for our dear staffy!

Penny💛 what’s your favorite season and why?- Main family on ktn?- Favorite pet on ktn?-

Penny :purple_heart: what are your favorite animals (gotta be specific :wink: )

favorite anime?

Hi! What would your secondary Hogwarts House be?

favorite pet on knockturn

when you struggle to read who the name is cause it’s bright yellow

What’s your favourite thing about the server?

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What is your favorite food?

Best moment in Knockturn?

Favorite event ever held on knockturn? <3