Ask Staff Anything! (November)

Ever have a burning question for staff?

Now you can get it answered here, at our Ask Staff Anything event!

How It Works

  1. As of the creation of this post, every member may post one question for our chosen interview subject. Keep it appropriate, please!

  2. Questions will close after One Week, giving you all plenty of time.

  3. Our dear Staffy will answer all of your questions!

We’ll rotate staff members, so don’t expect the same person twice in a row~

This month’s Staffy: Lucky Barnes!

Lucky is our lil Lunchbox, and the head of our Texture Artist team. He’s responsible for most of our 3d texture fashion items and is always up to something fun and amazing!

Please be sure to ask him some interesting questions, and the results of the October ASA will be posted tomorrow. ;3

You all have until 11:59 PM (EST) on Sunday, November 17th to get your questions in for our dear staffy!



Are you too tall and need your legs removed? :>


What made you interested in minecraft texturing and how did you start learning?

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Out of all the things you’ve textured so far which work is your favourite?


Hi baby boy! What other types of art mediums do you use?

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@EHari - :flushed: nopls

@smilemaster8 - I don’t remember how my interest started… but I think it was because I used to watch a lot of Mod showcases and most of them were of a lot of 3D items and I really liked how they looked, andd I learnt how to do models/texture by watching a lot of videos :>

@Napstablook - NIFFLEEEEEERRRRRSSSSS. They are so cute :hugs:

@Muzika - Uhh, I use whatever I find in my room lol, but I prefer using markers, I think they look pretty cool. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: