Askaria / Iani Symbol

Hello everyone, so taking a little idea from @Fancepants
We would like to know what you would like to represent Askaria & the Iani family! The leopard, a fierce and strong predator in the jungle, quick and strong- or the viper, a agile and deadly predator with heightened senses and intelligence, with the ability to strike quickly with poisonous fangs.

  • Leopard
  • Viper

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I guess this is up to @AtomosaTheFoster and @ZoeDoesThings xD

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Yes, it is, but this is so we can just see. The winner doesnt automatically decide it…

Just an idea, but seen as Azorias was connected with a wolf. Maybe the wolf would be a good symbol, while yes wolves aren’t found in a jungle, the area around the Capital, looks more like a plains or forest than a jungle these days, and Wolves can be found in those areas? :smiley:


im still campaigning for the sloth


yes awesome thanks, sloths ftw

personally i say Gorillas are cool or Turtles

or a black panther

I suggested that too! Great minds think alike

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Yuuus, as said above, Wolf plz. And some roses because everyone loves roses. don’t say you don’t :rose: :wolf: