Ava’s Photo’s

Yo, I’m making pictures for free, I’ll accept group pictures up to four people (note that four people makes it harder for me and it might be a tad worse, because I still suck at photos)
Side note: I can’t do mordonia builds, because I don’t have the map. I’m using APTerra’s map (the one mordonia was built upon) or any other map I find. I’ll discuss with you the map choices I have set out, feel free to ask for a specific map (provided you can link me a download for it x3)
IGN(s): D_6
Position(s): D_6 swimming
Background: Ocean

Note I am human and I’ll work with you on backgrounds and such, but I have real people things to do, so it won’t be immediately done :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want examples of previous ones message me on discord, file size too large here to show

IGNS: Goose567, lufiteab, D_6, LexixEren
Positions: Lady, Lady, Marksman, Cat
Background: Bella

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IGN(s): IlluminaeGen, ZoeP12009, MrLunch, ForgottenForgive
Position(s): IlluminaeGen lying on ground pretending to be dead, ZoeP12009 and MrLunch twerking together, ForgottenForgive shaking her head at everyone else
Background: Cliff


IGN(s): HannahMay95, Sparkle74927, ZoeP12009
Position(s): Sparkle74927 and ZoeP12009 getting married and HannahMay95 being the jelly wifeo she throws a knife at ZoeP12009.
Background: Forest


IGN(s): Animeisbae, IlluminaeGen, IGotPunsAndShips, LucyHeartfilia
Positions(s): Animeisbae putting on sunglasses, IlluminaeGen throwing glitter, IGotPunsAndShips looking down at everyone, LucyHeartfilia throwing fish everywhere
Background: Cliff

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IGN(s): commanderjaws, siphlygon
Positions(s): sitting on thrones sitting on a whaleshark
Background: ocean

(you owe me a whale shark huehuehue)

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hey, sorry it’s been a while! Life’s been busy. I’m getting to all of them rn

@Goose https://imgur.com/a/Iy9pJ here you go!

Hey, I’m a dead sucker. This is still alive, I’m moving onto the next one now! Sorry that this has been much slower than it should have been