Ban Appeal - Bella Scarlet

okay reason why i was banned was because i threatend gwen which was not the intention i was ment to only threaten her rp charicter that was my only intention and also cause i have been very rude to staff latly which is wrong and i apollogise i should respect the staff and im sorry for that and would love to be un banned not strait away as i dont believe my self i erserve to yet but in 2 weeks or maybe 3 as i feel i will have served my punishemnts by then

That is not true. The reason you were banned was a combination of the fact that you threatened Gwen and it was inappropriate EVEN if it were in roleplay, you overreacted to a normal conversation, and we feel that you continually show disrespect to everyone in the server.

You don’t seem to know the difference between something that is okay to say, and something that is by far inappropriate. You have also had a disregard for any rules we lay down, and continuously treat staff like they are your enemy based on the fact that they disagree with you.

You seem to think that if it’s your opinion, its the only opinion, even if every single person disagreed with you, then when the entirety of staff does disagree with you, you start telling people ‘staff is corrupt’ (Yes we saw that message). Fact is, staff is not corrupt, the only one corrupt here is you.

Corrupt: having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. This is the definition in case you didn’t notice. As a fact, you have been doing exactly this multiple times in our history. I tried to explain that your attitude needed to change, and for a bit, you were fine, but you hold grudges for too long, and judge people too soon, while you yourself do not want to be judged at all.

Personally, here is an example. Despite the fact that I have taught transfiguration multiple times, been told by many people that I am one of the better teachers, because I don’t follow a script, and I try to engage the people, you have been so dead set on being rude about everything, seemingly just because I don’t agree with you on stuff, and I don’t bend over backwards to meet your demands at being important. Yet, every time we ever engage in a conversation, you retort is always ‘You’re the worst teacher ever’. Despite the fact that barely anyone has agreed with you on this point, you say this. Why is this ? Is it because I am horrible and fail to teach my classes? No, it’s because when I am coding and away from the server in general, you can have free reign to be horrible to everyone, and no one is going to say anything, because they don’t want to get in trouble for starting a feud in a staff channel.

Fact is, you have continuously made the community toxic and there was not a single co-owner to say that you should stay. In fact, all of them when it was suggested by another co-owner, that we ban you, said ‘I am not surprised it has come to this.’

And Yes, it was not my suggest that you be banned. I don’t push bias votes. You came to be banned by someone who is more tolerant than me, and was at the end of their rope of dealing with you.

So no, you will not be unbanned, and you do not deserve anything until you grow up and start acting like a decent human being to other people rather than constantly treating other people like crap.

Our motto stands, “We rather have 5 nice people than 50 assholes.”

I wish you luck on your future endeavors and hope you can learn not to be so salty.