Bannappeal Daniel Powel

Undesirable_No_1 - Daniel Powel - X-Ray

ie: iarepandemonium - Pandetta Bell - Trolling

Minecraft Username:Undesirable_No_1

Hogwarts Roleplay Name:Daniel Powel


Reason for Ban:X-ray

I just put so much time in your server I had stress with my parents cuz I spend so much time and i just want to have the HP experience so im realy sorry for hacking you can look I just had it 1h and i just have the items in my house in towny and some in my chest I can do a stream while you can delete them I just think a Blacklist from towny and farmworld would be the Best punish because im near tears cuz I just spend so much time and I just want to be cool by have some items other dont have and i just dont made some money With it I just hope I get unbanned and blacklistet for towny. :frowning: hope I gonna see some magic again soon :worried: but pls I just need that experience I Meeting on the server With my friends cuz I cant Meer him normaly and we are both harry potter Hardcore Fans. I never wanted to make some bad to your server I wish I get unbanned and i hope it helped me to be honest.

Did you read our rules? I did it you can ask me about them.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this? I dont.

I cant understand english very good so please dont mind my writing and i hope you dont think im trash or dirt. I’m just banned for 1h and I never chest again but I think too that I deserve a 1 month ban only for Being that silly and after being banned get robed all my farmworld items I open the chest so you can easy look in all in my house is open except the rare stuff chest but just bloß my house up and blacklist me to farmworld.

Just reset my house to dirt